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NUNW delegate to Swapo central committee kicked out  ... accuses Mbumba of withholding name

by Staff Writer

The NUNW representative, Petrus Nevonga, was yesterday booted out of the Swapo Party central committee held in Windhoek because his name was not on the list.

Nevonga was supposed to take the position of Ismael Kasuto, who was removed as the NUNW president in August.

Addressing a media conference after the incident, NUNW accused Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba of withholding the names.

Muniaro said: “the exclusion of NUNW from the Swapo Party central committee provoked serious questions in the minds of all workers who are Swapo members and delegated to Swapo party structures as representatives in line with the accord and party constitution including their representation in the upcoming congress”.

Muniaro said that after writing two letters to Mbumba in which he was informed that the union had removed Kasuto as the president and that Nevonga was going to attend the central committee, Mbumba wrote a letter to Kasuto addressing him as the president of NUNW, and ignoring that he had been removed.

This confusion stems from the union’s central committee meeting held on 19 August this year which resulted in the dismissal of Ismael Kasuto as the union president, and the appointment of Albert Liswaniso as the acting president. 

The latest results from the central committee were shared with Mbumba but were ignored, the group said.

Muniaro said if this was not done “the NUNW will communicate to the party its final decision and consequences on this matter”.

Also speaking at the meeting, Petrus Nevonga said: “The Swapo Party is not an individual's. It is not there to fulfil the wish of an individual as it is there to fulfil the collective wishes of the members.

“It has a constitution and rules, and all members are equal before. Equally, NUNW and its affiliates have constitutions that govern those organisations. Members of the unions are equal before the constitutions of their respective unions,” Nevonga said.

Nevonga said that members have equal rights and that the Swapo constitution does not exempt the President of the party or the Secretary-General from conducting themselves within the laws of the party constitution.

“Decisions to contest cannot let the person in charge behave and conduct himself unethically. He does not qualify. Should he choose to do that the best remedy is to vacate the office,” Nevonga said.

“The issue here is the exclusion of the NUNW that has the right to participate in the central committee and the congress of the Swapo Party. 

"However, today at the crucial central committee where the members of the central committee including NUNW are supposed to be, and this was not done,” he said.

Napwu head of operation Gideon Thomas said the younger generation only guarantees the continuation of any generation. 

“It tells you how blind we are to the continuation of a proper succession. This is a proper way of destroying the party. Not what is presumed by preventing people from participating and testing the minds of those having the mandate to take them or not take them,” Thomas said.

The results showed that Anna Shiweda, Loide Shaanika, Sarafina Kandere, Hilma Uushona, Lovisa Ndeyapo Iikali, Julia Endjambi, Ester Anna Nghipondoka, Justina Jonas, Jacob Nghifindaka, Job Muniaro, Elia Ngurare, John Uushona, Evans Maswahu, Jessy Nombanza, Jacob Penda and Joseph Dinyando were elected as delegates to the congress in November.