Oshikoto declares Amukwiyu unfit to run the region

Concerned SWAPO party members from the Oshikoto region have defied the usual protocol by writing straight to President Hage Geingob venting their anger over the regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu for allegedly causing disunity and abusing his power ahead of the watershed elective congress.

The political situation in Oshikoto is said to be "fragile and deplorable’’ and has disturbed the party’s unity while the regional coordinator allegedly continues to cause divisions "communicating issues of the party with friends and those who support the de-campaign concept’’.

Party cadres are allegedly being defamed and "Comrades being referred to as puppets (omapuli) through songs at events such as weddings, e.g. down Penda yaNdakolo, down Sacky Nangula, down Samuel Shivute and Marx Nekongo.’’

Due to these allegations, the disgruntled party members have advised the president that Amukwiyu is no longer capable of leading the region.

Another concerns raised is that non-district executive members (Olukonda), Foibe Kambindi and Rauha Hainghumbi were delegates to the central committee meeting held in Windhoek yesterday.

In the letter, the region said that Hainghumbi was presented as a man.

Mannetlie Kambonde is said to have been elected as a delegate representing Oniipa when he is not a district executive committee member.

The letter also claimed that Kambonde is not an Oniipa resident and that he lives in Olukonda.

"Honourable Tommy Nambahu does not belong to any SWAPO Party District structure in Onyaanya District. 

"He participated in the voting during the Regional Conference, but he was not a delegate to the conference,’’ writes the aggrieved SWAPO members.

They further noted that Nambahu was also made a delegate from Onyaanya District for the upcoming congress.

"At the time of the Onayena District Conference which took place in June 2017, Cde. Quitto Mulunga, who was a regional mobiliser and currently not holding any position in the district party, was nominated as a delegate from Onayena for the upcoming party congress set for the end of November. 

This is contrary to the provision of Article XIV (A) (9) of the SWAPO Party Constitution,’’ the letter also says.

The letter points a blaming finger at Amukwiyu who is said to be defying the constitutional principle of transparency and working in cahoots with hand-picked District Coordinators to forward his agenda. 

The letter said other districts have been "remote controlled’’ and "told to tell lies to the vetting committee".