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Geingob markets Namibia in London

by Online writer

President Hage Geingob seized the opportunity presented by his latest invitation to England to woo investment into Namibia. 

Speaking at the Burj CEO Summit in the House of Parliament in London, the president said Namibia’s investment environment is conducive, endowed with “world-class amenities, hospitals, shopping malls, schools etc.”

The president said that priorities of investment in Namibia are in Manufacturing, Energy, Tourism Sector, Logistics Hub – Service Industries for the SADC Region, Infrastructure Development and Mass Housing.

He also urged potential investors to tap into the country’s trainable workforce.

“As a young man, I recall travelling on the passports of other countries and arriving at the airport to find a special queue for citizens of the Commonwealth. With the rise of the European Union, the Commonwealth seemed to be relegated to the rear-view mirror. Hopefully Brexit can result in the strengthening of our Commonwealth once again,” the president said.

Although Namibia entered into Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA’s) with the EU, he said, “Brexit offers an opportunity for us to engage in bilateral negotiations with the UK regarding trade opportunities.”

The president also advised his host that the face of Africa had changed for the better and was “marching ahead” with the rise of multi-party electoral democracy. 

“Not only am I here to represent the Republic of Namibia, but also Africa. It is a new Africa, an Africa which is on the march

“It is an Africa which is no longer characterized by coups and One-Party States. Instead, we are witnessing the rise and spread of multi-party electoral democracy. We have taken matters of peace, security and the rule of law into our own hands. Those who come into power through unlawful means are ostracized,” he said. 

The president also said, “African countries have put in place robust Governance Architectures and Macro-Economic fundamentals. Besides being a natural and mineral resource rich continent, we are also a human capital rich continent, having the fastest growing youth population in the world.” 

Given the adaptability of the youth when it comes to technology, this phenomenon represents perfect opportunities for investments in areas such as innovation, research and development and technology, he added.