Close to 300 squatters face eviction at Walvis Bay – Shaningwa

Close to 300 squatters at Walvis Bay face eviction from their homes after a high court order ruled in favour of the eviction from Extension 1 and 2 in Kuisebmond.

Urban and Rural Development minister Sophia Shaningwa said that the eviction is necessary because the land was illegally occupied and the council cannot sit by and allow lawlessness of this nature to prevail.

“There is no proper sanitation facilities for these people. They live in extremely unhygienic conditions. If a fire breaks out, there are no fire hydrants and no roads to direct the fire brigade exactly where such fire would be.

"There are no lights in that area it is difficult to di direct medical staff to the exact location in case of a medical emergency if something should happen at night,” Shaningwa said. 

She further added that the place is not conducive for habitation in its current state due to severe overcrowding and lack of necessary facilities.

According to Shaningwa, the matter is all up to lawmakers and whether they want a lawless society whereby people can occupy owned property or whether they want law abiding citizens.

“I am sure we do not want anarchy in our peaceful country. But I should emphasize that much time is wasted unnecessarily by our fellow citizen who recklessly goes out and occupies land illegally. It is advisable for people to allow the Minister to deal with few councils who make little effort to address the need,” she said. 

She added that it is undoubtedly imperative to give the minister responsible ample time to deal with the issues at hand and not to be preoccupied with fire brigading accidental fires.

“Upon learning that the families faced eviction from the piece of land they were occupying illegally one business person then approached the municipality council of Walvis Bay in May last year with a proposal to acquire two erven to temporally accommodate these families while they were looking for alternative places where they could settle,” Shaningwa said.

After the application to purchase the two erven was received from the business personality, the 27 families were allowed to resettle temporally.