House Guru Gang on music and producing

The three musketeers of music production; Jowdy, Nasho and Chahelman who go by their stage name House Guru Gang will release a 13 track album towards the end of this month.

They released a single track and music video last month, titled Maria Nepembe, on which they are in awe of the Big Brother Africa star’s beauty.

The three producers have worked with musicians such as Lady May, Leathermein, TopCheri, Exit and many others.

Now, the youngsters are ready to release their new project titled, The Noise.

Nasho said, “We decided to name the album The Noise because we believe that it is going to make noise everywhere once it is out. People that have been following our music can expect a different sound on this one.”

They add that the album has already been completed, “It is about time we release our album, and we have dropped a couple of singles like Mate, Mate already and people actually like the song a lot. Mate is a remix song from the original song of Capitol K,” Nasho said.

When asked how they successfully juggle between producing music for other artists and finding the time to produce their own, they told Vibe that although they have met challenges, their job has been easier because they have a passion for music.

“This is more like a job to us so we take it very serious and being a team we assist each other a lot.” Jowdy noted.

Chahelman was not present for this interview due to academic commitments.