Namibia Finance Inclusion Survey starts

The Namibia Finance Inclusion Household Survey has commenced this week with effect from yesterday and enumerators have already started phase one of the survey which is listing households before the interviews.

“The study began yesterday (Monday). Enumerators are already visiting households. The enumerators will be presented in two colours, those in red (supervisors) and those in green t-shirts (field enumerators) with an NSA logo and will have “financial inclusion” wording at the back of their t-shirts,” said NSA’s communications officer Namba Emuno. 

The survey will run until the 13th of November and is meant to come to an estimated figure of how many economically active Namibians are still excluded from access to finance.

Emuno also said if citizens have any suspicion on the enumerators they should be free to contact NSA as soon as possible.

“If you feel like these people are not from the NSA you can call us on our number: 061 4313 288 or the switchboard 061 431 3200 and another number are 061 431 3234,” she advised. 

She added that ‘They will have NSA identification cards which have their picture and with their identification number as well. They will have the introduction letter that will have their name and their I.D. This letter has the NSA stamp as well as the signature of our SG.”

NSA has said this time security around the enumerators will be upgraded and the police roped in to avoid cases where enumerators end up being arrested due to irregularities. 

The Villager yesterday reported that NSA and the Bank of Namibia have both pumped N$5.8 million in the Finance Inclusion Survey.

 The survey is further meant to assist in guiding policy formulation within the financial sector.

Indications from 2007 are such that an estimated 51.7 % of economically active Namibians were financially excluded while the figure was brought down to 31 percent in 2011.

A ten-year strategy has been developed to address the weaknesses in the Namibian financial system, covering the period 2011-2021, which will enable the country’s financial sector to transform and contribute meaningfully to the developmental objectives of the country. 

According to the Vision 2030, the Namibian economy is expected to grow on average by 6.2 percent.

The financial sector is projected to play a major role towards the achievement of the projected growth, with financial intermediation expected to grow on average by 6.3 percent over the next 10 years. ?