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From farm girl to Disc Jockey

Fri, 1 September 2017 18:35
by Rosalia David

DJ Seboa real name Abigail Rietz, in this week’s celebs unplugged tells Vibe that she did not dream of becoming a DJ but that her music career was an upshot from watching acts by  renowned female Deejays, Afro Berries, realising their dreams in a male dominated industry.

 When you meet this 26-year-old, she instantly hits you with her contagious laughter and oozes of excitement and high energy levels. Born in Windhoek and raised in Gibeon, Dj Seboa said, “I was just a farm girl. I took care of animals, and I milked them, you name it all, and even after I moved to Windhoek I always used to go for holidays, and we would continue with our daily chores.”

 The Villager set with the energetic Seboa this week to get a better understanding of who she is.

Full Name: Abigail Rietz

Stage Name: DJ Seboa

Occupation: DJ and Claim adjuster

Age: 26

Relationship Status: Single

Please give us a brief background on how and when exactly you joined the D-jaying business?

 Well! My interest for D-jaying started when I attended the Copper Festival last year, and I saw the Afroberries playing and I was like ‘Wow’ why not? So, from there I asked DJ Kalypso to teach me a couple of D-jaying skills and that is when it all started.

How do you feel being a female DJ in a male dominated industry?

 It’s a great privilege, I mean, I just started, and I have already managed to make a name for myself, not that I am bragging, no, no… It’s just an honour to be known by a few already. A lot of people always ask, “Is Seboa always that energetic or she is just like that sometimes?” are you naturally just a hyped up person or is it an act you put on sometimes? This is me, being happy is part of who I am...

What type of music do you play on your set?

 I love house music, but when it comes to D-jaying, you can never specialise in one particular genre only, because people don’t like the same music, so, I make sure that I carter for the whole crowd.

What has been your biggest Gig so far?

 When I played at the Crayfish Festival this year.

Are you currently single, if yes, why?

I don’t know, but people always think I am that much of a party freak because of the type of industry I am in, but, I am not. However, I am not ready to give up my D-jaying career for a guy.

Who is your celebrity crush locally and internationally?

 Globally, I would say Gabrielle Union is my inspiration and locally Maria Nepembe.

You give off that lesbian look, are you into girls?

 Lol... No I am not, okay my celebrity crush locally is Gazza then, and he is hot. Internationally, John Legend.

 If you were stuck in an elevator with Gazza, Maria Nepembe and Dillish and you were told to plot with two of them to throw one out who would you plot with and who would you chuck out?

Apparently, I will plan with Maria and Dillish to throw out Gazza with all his hotness we will chuck him out hahaha...

When you are not D-jaying what do you do?

I am a gym freak; I love working out so, I spend most of my time at the gym or work when I am not D-jaying.

Do you have any plans to release a single or an album?

Yes, most definitely, I am working on that, that is in the pipeline.

How do you handle all the attention from guys when having a gig at the club?

 I keep it cool; I am always nice to people even those who would join me on the dancing floor trying to touchy touch, I don’t brush them off I just make it clear that it is not the ‘other party’. What is your favourite food? I am a very simple girl; I love macaroni and meat.