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TKB to share stage with Omarion

Fri, 1 September 2017 18:27

 The three Afro-pop singers, Tight Kasi Brothers (TKB) have taken the local music industry by storm with their newly released three track single album consisting of Nzira, Carolina, and Twaman Nare.

The trio will share the stage with famous American RNB singer Omarion shortly. The three-men Rundu based band that consists of Abby Bzo Kavara, Seun Sai Kandere and Chiccory Bones Kakero, has raised enthusiasm over the Omarion show scheduled to take place on the 27th of October this year saying that they are excited about the show while promising the best performance ever.

 Their album which of only three tracks was released this week, and Carolina was said to be making headlines on national airwaves after two days of release already. Second lead singer, Abby Kavara, stated that “Nzira’  means ‘the way’ and Carolina is  a song that encourages young Namibian girls to focus more on the positive side of life while the third track ‘Twamana Nare’ speaks about the obstacles they have endured “alongside our musical journey.”

 Kavara said the group is currently in Windhoek for a week for radio and TV interviews. “We are also releasing a new video for ‘Carolina’ produced by Desert Film,” Kavara said.

 The Kawe hit makers who have been making music together for more than five years now said that it’s their time to shine and show Namibia what they are capable of doing on stage. “Although people are complaining about the Omarion line up saying the selection is ridiculous, we believe that the organisers have done a great job giving a fair chance to other artists.

“Every year it’s just the same people in and out, and we cannot just have a lineup of RNB performance, the show will be boring,” they said. They also said it is high time other talented musicians in Namibia were given a chance also to prove themselves and showcase their talent while stressing the lack of support from local media players. “One of our greatest challenges in Rundu is that there is not much media coverage. “We might be big in our town but what about the rest of the country, getting radio interviews and being on TV is a real hustle for us,” said Miguel.

 He added that the industry is small, and everyone is trying to get a piece from the cake. He further stressed the lack of support from event organisers noting that event organisers prefer flushing out money to pay bigger artists while offering them peanuts for a full and fair performance.

 “Musicians in Namibia survive on concerts and album sales. If there are no shows, then we also don’t have any other sources of income. When you get a gig offer, organisers don’t always want to pay if you’re not an outstanding musician. “Until when are we going to underestimate each other? Today you will still find a musician who has been making music for 20 years but still suffering,” he further stressed.