Big Ben promises big bang at Jazz Fest

High riding internationally acclaimed Jazz Maestro Venaune Ben Kandukira better known as Big Ben has promised a memorable and sensational stage performance at the upcoming Windhoek Jazz Festival slated for the 4th of November.

 The star-studded festival will be headlined by South Africa’s own legend Ringo Mandlingozi, the sensational Mi Casa and Big Ben felt humbled to be warming the stage for them.

The Jazz crooner was visibly on 7th Heaven when he touched base with The Villager Entertainment whom he told that he was more than prepared and fans can always expect a night of glitz, glamour and Jazz.

“We are preparing every day my friend for any show because we perform every time,” he bubbled enthusiastically, “You see, we like to call ourselves performing artists, and people see us play, and that’s why they hire us for events.”

He said he will not be waiting for the event but will, as usual, be constantly on the move rotating from one joint to the next and in the process fi ne tuning a package of spirited performances to unpack on the 4th of November.

Big Ben’s presence at Last year’s festival was an overwhelming magnetic crowd puller, but this time the chanter has promised new sounds off his upcoming album which he says is sizzling, enthralling and equally mind-blowing.

“I have an album that we are working on to be released way before the Jazz Festival and so we will have new music,” he exclusively said. Big Ben will also be touring various countries from which he will be stealing some fresh ideas to spice up and cherry-top his act come the festival night.

“We would already have collected a few influences from wherever we are going to perform, and we are going to deliver all that at the Jazz Festival because throughout the years that one performs you learn things here and there, and you improve on your music as you are performing that one particular song. By the end of the year that song will be the most amazing song,” he added.

 The accomplished artist expressed his pleasure at the fact that the festival comes at year’s end as it will allow him to work on his music more and at a good pace. Speaking of Ringo, Big Ben said, “He is a legend, and therefore one can hope to meet the person, shake his hands, and see what I can learn from him. I have seen him perform here in Namibia and South Africa.”

 He looks forward to working on a couple of projects after this encounter: “For me, it is not just about warming up the stage for him or anything, but it allows us that chance to network.”

However, he was not forthcoming when pressed to tell the name of his upcoming album,” The fans this time are going to name the album not me,” he beamed with so much energy of speech.

The festival will also see songstress and saxophone muse Suzy Eises adding to the colour of pomp and excitement that comes with the usually packed Festival. The list has further been enriched by the addition of the talented and versatile multiple awards winning super star Liz Ehlers.

Speaking to The Villager Entertainment at the launch of the fest, her amiable husband hinted that although Liz cannot be boxed in any genre and is as such not a Jazz artist, however, her energy will bring more crakes to the fi re works. Other artists to rock revellers that have been thrown in the mix are Namibia’s own Major 7 and Willem Peterson as well as Erna Chimu.