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Councillors positions must remain temporary ÔÇô analysts

Fri, 18 August 2017 19:25
by Rodney Pienaar
News Flash

Political analysts who spoke to The Villager on the National Council’s suggestions to make regional council positions permanent said those areas should remain temporary to give space for new blood.

Last week, suggestions were made at National Council level to make local council positions permanent to force councillors to take their jobs more seriously after accusations of neglect by councillors were made. Regional councillors currently serve a five-year term with the possibility of re-election. When speaking to The Villager this week, Dr Hoze Riruako said making positions permanent will only end in making poor performing councillors officer bearers forever.

“There is no need to make the jobs temporary as regional councillors are elected into power for a short term. This means that the members of the community have the authority to remove them if they are incompetent. Once these positions are permanent this will make it more difficult for the members to remove the incompetent councillor as this will come with new laws and regulations,” he said.

He added that it is not because of their permanent jobs that regional councillors are not performing but only due to incompetence, all local councillors would not have performed well as most of them have permanent employment. Riruako further stated that making Chief Regional Officers (CRO), positions will work with good governance by it is not advisable at the moment.

 “Yes we can say the CRO can be in the position permanently but what will happen is that most will be there but won’t perform at all, they are more likely not to perform once they are appointed permanently so at this stage I don’t think it will work,” he said.

Professor Phanuel Kaapama reiterated that this would only cause havoc and chaos with the communities. “I disagree they just have to remain temporarily in office. You know once these people are put in power they forget who put them in power and do all kind of negative things such as not attending to communities out cries. Who thinks that one they are permanent they will perform, this will not be the same.

 Few things might change such as showing up an office regularly but the performance I doubt it,” he said. He added that the country has seen about the councillors over the year and not even one day saw a councillors being praised after the respective communities’ outcries. However, Kaapama told The Villager that some Regional Councillors only know what they are campaigning for during elections and once they are in power forget what they have promised.

“Politics is a dirty game, this regional councillor knows what their people in particular regions need and want but will turn a blind I to everyone that voted for them. We have seen the situation whereby communities have threatened to remove councillors but once the community has cool down it is the same old habit of non-performance” he said.

He added that in is a good thing that they are elected into power and it would be far worst if they were appointed permanently as development is within regions is sphere headed by the regional council as representatives of the communities.