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Enduro championships scheduled for Windhoek

Fri, 11 August 2017 20:59
by Rodney Pienaar


The Bank Windhoek Namibia (BWN) Enduro Championship round six are to take place over the weekend just a few kilometres outside Windhoek at Otjihase Mine. According to the Chairman of the Namibian Enduro Club, Gunther Henle, this is the second outing of the series to Otjihase after April’s event, and it could be the championship decider in the Open Motorbikes Class.

 “The Namibian Enduro Club expects around 65 quad and motorbikes to enter in 11 competition classes. Junior riders as of 10 years of age will be on track as well as a large number of Clubman’s class passengers,” he said.

He further added that the Enduro races are open to all Namibians that are interested in the championships and since its inception in 2011 the club has grown tremendously and has hosted and participated in some regional and international events. According to Henle, some of the participants have already proven their potential to scope the first place in the championships as they are undefeated.

 “After his victory at Abbabis in the Open Motorbikes Class, Henner Rusch could secure his fifth Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship title in a row with a first place finish. His biggest rival this season, Marcel Henle, who is recovering from a slight injury sustained in a competition in South Africa, is unlikely to start and will focus on the prestigious Roof of Africa event coming up towards the end of the year in Lesotho,” he said.

 He added that a victory at Otjihase would lead to Shannon Rowland (Honda) securing her second Ladies Quad Class championship title and in the Clubman’s Motorbike Class, Juergen Gladis, is likely to safeguard the championship at Otjihase, while the battle for second and third overall is still on. In the Development Class for youngsters, Dylan Hilfiker still has a healthy overall lead in the championship. However Levin Quinger has been catching up recently winning the last two races in a row, The Villager learnt.

The Villager understands that the Enduro motorcycle sports has been practised in Namibia since the mid-1980’s and in the earlier years the Enduro Motorsports was managed and organised by a sub division of the Windhoek motorsport.

In January 2010 the Enduro working group decided to join the Windhoek Motor Club. Halen said the primary objective of Namibia Enduro Club is to carry to promote cross country and related activities at social racing levels; to co-operate with other groups with similar interest so far as to further the sports of Enduro and to carry out other duties or activities conducive to the welfare of members and the health the spot in general.