Farmers form Joint Crime Prevention Forum


The Joint Crime Prevention Forum under the auspices of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) was officially introduced last week in Windhoek.
The JCPF was founded last year by 12 members represented 22 Crime Prevention Fora from all over Namibia.
The forum will serve as the umbrella body for all the respective fora.
According to the NAU, the Joint Crime Prevention Forum will aim to consolidate and streamline all crime prevention actions by offering a national platform for crime prevention actions to plan and discuss operations.
The JCPF seeks to co-ordinate and promote complimentary actions amongst all role players to effectively combat crime.
“The Forum will deliberate and communicate mutual interests, nationally and regionally, especially all aspects regarding crime prevention and law enforcement,” the NAU revealed.  
Management will consist out of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and 1 additional member, elected from the Permanent Members.  It is envisaged that two meetings per year will take place, and if necessary, more meeting can be organised.
“We envisage involving all role players in the Law Enforcement circle, namely the NamPol, the judiciary, the correctional service, as well as all the Crime Prevention Fora in Namibia,” said the NAU.
The establishment of this forum is a culmination of the decision taken at a NAU Congress held in October 2009 regarding combating crime.   
Congress unanimously voted that commercial farmers in Namibia needed to become more involved with NamPol by assisting to combat crime.  
One of the favoured recommendations was for commercial farmers to become recognised police reservists.
NamPol Chief Inspector Isack Burger from the stock theft division encouraged farmers to join crime preventative forums in their regions.
He urged them to report stock theft on time to ensure investigations are conducted efficiently.
“The public’s delay in reporting cases hampers the effectiveness of the investigations,” Chief Burger said.