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Andrew Forrest gets bigger and better

Fri, 4 August 2017 16:27
by Kelvin Chiringa

Namibia’s top ranked squash giant Andrew Forest’s star keeps on rising and shinning brighter as he maintains his grip as the country’s most stunning squash player.

Having entered the Wanderers Visions Consulting Open last week at Wanderers Club, the agile sportsman demonstrated his brilliance as he went on to outshine the equally competitive Kyle Kriel.

In the tempest of amazing squash which played out among the finest players from all over Namibia, Forrest came out the undisputable champion beating Kriel  (3-1) in the prestigious A Division.

This was after a heart-wrenching show down with Namibia’s Number Six Danie Greef whom he knocked out in the stormy heat of the Semi-final.

Kriel barrowed his way to the finals after a stunning semi final performance which saw Namibia’s number three Cliffie de Witt buckling down.

 Kriel has been to South Africa recently and he holds the future of Namibia’s squash as he furiously fights for the top position which Forrest may not relinquish any time soon.

 “In the end, it was some squash of the highest level and fantastic skills, but Andrew Forrest pulled it through, thanks to his experience of playing such high level squash for a quite a few seasons,” says club Chairperson Steven Berry.

The Visions Consulting Open has created an exciting build-up to the Wanderers Amstel Lite Championships which kicks off on the 16th of August, with the finals taking place on the 19th of August.

But Squash at Wanderers is the making of Champions more than their humiliation and the family set up with which the community creates is very conducive for the younger, agile and focussed Kriel. 

  The Visions Consulting Open attracted top players from across Namibia in 2016, and with the introduction of new technology such as live scoring and screens with the scores on, strategically placed showing all the results and fixtures, creating an exciting buzz amongst the players with the new concepts being introduced.

At the 2017 edition, as with the Nashua Open 2017, the prestigious Wanderers Squash Tournament once again attracted 80 players, with a number of players on the waiting list, which simply could not be accommodated.

“As with the Nashua Wanderers Open hosted in May this year, the 2017 edition of the Visions Open proved a testament to the successes of Wanderers Squash over the last year, as we have once again managed to fill a draw of 80 players,” says  Berry.

Of these entries, numerous amounts of them come from the Wanderers Juniors tournament hosted in January, and then followed by the ladies day in February.

“It is very difficult accommodating all of these players, but it is incredibly exciting, knowing that we as Wanderers Club, are doing our part in growing the sport in Namibia,” he says.

“We are currently running fund raisers, in order to build new courts, which will mean we can host even bigger events. We are hoping that, within 1 year, we will be able to host events that will be able to accommodate 100 players or more. This obviously requires a lot of funding, so we hope we will be able to raise the finding required to build new courts,” he adds.

 Final Results:

F Division:

Jacques Davis beat De Wett v Huisteen (3-0)

E Division:

Paul Verburg beat Lee-anne Ludwig (3-0)

D Division:

Joseph v Niekerk beat Pieter Meuwessen (3-0)

C Division:

Thilo Himmel beat Hein Bamm (3-1)

B Division:

Lida-Marie Calitz beat Henko Knipe (3-1)