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MenÔÇÖs netball team selected

Fri, 28 July 2017 18:41
by Rodney Pienaar

The official men’s netball team has been selected to take part in the upcoming 2018 African Championships and in an International men’s netball tournament during the course of the year, president of Netball Namibia Association, Lydia Mutenda told The Villager.

 “About 15 players were selected. Netball Namibia is trying to arrange for a friendly match with one of the neighbouring countries to come play our team on home ground.

“There are currently very few teams in the country to help keep players active and focus, they must be physically and mentally prepared for the upcoming challenge as this will be their first national challenge ever,” she said.

The netball sports society has encouraged men to work together to form clubs that can be affiliated to regional and national mother bodies. Netball started to become popular for male player’s in the 60s and men have been participating in the game since and the 2011 International challenge men’s and mixed netball tournament was run by the Western Australian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association.

Men have been active in general netball management, umpiring and coaching, she says it is time for men to establish themselves and start playing actively as Netball Namibia will support them throughout the journey. Namibia is still at the beginner’s stage as far as men’s netball is concerned.

“As compared to other African countries we are still at the begging of the long challenging journey. I must admit that Namibia has enormous talent that needs to be nurtured that can only be achieved if we all can stand and support our sons, “she said.

She added that netball is one of the fastest growing sport in the country and attracts young men from all walks of life and that Netball for men has always been there in coordinated fashion and now the right time expose the Namibian men’s netball team.

 “We now wish to formalise the in our structure and also get Namibian men’s national team exposed, all our neighbouring countries have men’s and perhaps in the near future we can host a tournament inviting our neighbouring countries our neighbour and spearheading netball activities for men in SADC region. There is large interest but little coordination.

Netball is unisex sports but identified mostly with females,” Mutenda said. She further added that the countries development efforts will remain largely for girls but Namibia Netball Association is trying their best to see that men’s netball is recognised as soon as possible and the association is sourcing funds to expose the recently selected team.

 “Netball has many positives influences on children and adults, and it instils discipline and keeps them active and there is a need to introduce the sport to opposite sex at a younger level to understand the sport more and not to take netball as a sport of female’s players only”.