Female artists need to get off their high horses - female donkey

Previously, there was a considerable amount of unrest in the local entertainment industry. Squabbles, more popularly referred to as ‘beef’, had emerged amongst the artists while putting at risk the gains made in the relatively slow and upcoming industry.

 Magdalena Angela Huros !Gontes known as female donkey is currently working on an 8 track album which will be released end of July titled ‘Game On’ followed by another trap album which she describes as an expressive album, could this be the beginning of another beef among female artists. Although Female Donkey says that the out coming album is not directed to anyone it is obvious that there is definitely something cooking.

 “I will be releasing another album called ‘Game On’ end of July, it will be an 8 track album followed by another five track Trap album before the end of the year,” she said. According to Female Donkey female artists in the music industry have given themselves titles, crowning themselves ‘Queen of music’ while  she believes that she is a queen on her own.

When asked who she is referring to, she stroke back saying that she is not referring to anyone in particular however continues to advise female artists to put their dancing shoes on and show what they can do. Female Donkey who was seen on the Sanlam My Culture Is My Choice Road Show recently further said that, “Besides from just going on the road show I am currently just busy in the studio pushing my album, there are other things in the pipeline that I am planning on doing but cannot reveal at this current moment.”

With rumours roaming about the female artists beefing artists such as Adora, Sally Boss Madam and Oteya one would definitely raise eyebrows on few comments she has made though not much could be confirmed by the Ma/Gaisa show stopper.

 “I have nothing against Sally, she is an amazing woman, the same with the rest, I am basically just doing my music, the upcoming album consists of different type of music, urban sound, jazz, and Damara punch as well as Sukusa, there is also a song titled ‘Aiyahjah’ which speaks about African women embracing their bodies,” she said. She further mentioned that there is another track that says ‘if you think you’re the ish lets see who will do it better’.

She refused to tell The Villager entertainment who she is referring to on her song. Female Donkey did have a falling out with another female artist at the music awards. She added that she does not compete with artists who sleep their way to the top, “I work too hard on my music”.