Over 8 000 primary schools constructed

The Ministry of Education Arts and Culture (MEAC), has constructed 8 787 primary schools in the last five year statistics provided by the ministry indicates.

According to statistics, in 2012, 1 723 primary schools have been constructed; in 2013, 1 737; in 2014, 1 752; in 2015 1 779 and in 2016, 1 7 96 primary schools have been constructed. The Permanent Secretary of MEAC, Sanet Steenkamp told The Villager, that 5 percent of 2017/18has been set aside for infrastructure development.

“In the state of education address at the launched of NDP5, the president mentioned the school infrastructure improvement acceleration plan for which we already have a draft.

The Ministry envisaged attending to infrastructure needs over a five-year period. We have a three-year period for which specific funds are availed and at this very moment from the budget allocation of N$11.9 billion the ministry has allocated N$584 million for infrastructure development for 2017 / 18 financial year,” Steenkamp said. She further added that the funds are disbursed to all the regions for basic education facility which includes renovation of classrooms, and also construction of new classrooms and sanitation facilities which the regions see as specific needs.

The Villager understands that the remaining funds are than allocated to other capital projects that are not handled by the regions but by the head office of through the National Planning Commission (NPC), such as comple tion of construction hostel facilities, day schools as well as libraries of the community schools. “Last week the executive management reviewed again the key priorities to fit into the allocated and available resources for 2017/18 financial year. The president gave instructions to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education for in-depth discussion and analysis and a meeting will take place in the coming days.

There after our minister will than have a dialogue with the Minister of Finance and that it will be further presented that is what I can say for now,” Steenkamp said. She added that ministry is very cognition and when a school is constructed or renovated the ministry provides temporary structures for learners so that construction or renovations don’t affect teaching and learning processes at schools. Statics also indicates that a total of 40 880 children have been enrolled for pre-primary classes last year alone of which 20 827 were female and 20 053 were male and in grade 1 a total of 81 574 learners have been enrolled of which 39 330 were female and 42 244 are male.

Ohangwena region recorded a highest number of pre-primary enrolments with a total of 98 906 followed by Khomas region which recorded the second highest number of learners enrolled for pre-primary with a total 79 111 learners enrolled and Omaheke region recorded the lowest number of learners enrolled with a total of 21 403 and Hardap region recorded the second lowest number of learners enrolled for pre-primary classes with a total of 23 651 leaners enrolled last year.