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Western Suburbs braving against the storm  a tale of sweat, blood and broken bone

Fri, 14 April 2017 00:18
by Kelvin Chiringa

Rugby Premier League Giants FNB Western Suburbs are up in arms against rival league teams and with just a single loss from Unam (24-23) so far in five games, team manager Cournell Thompson can keep his fingers crossed.

The fight for the league title is fast proving a tight contest against the tide albeit the boys are coming out stronger with each stride towards the finishing line. Western Suburbs gave quite a chilling performance against the solid Trustco United as they raced to win over their fifth match of the season. Yet for Thompson, despite the brilliant results, for Western Suburbs so far the previous matches have been a tale of sweat, blood and broken bones. “We are going for it, it’s a struggle, our aim is to come out nowhere far from the second place,” he opines.

The previous match against Trustco United was quite a hustle with the reserve boys dropping out prior to half time with a lot of setbacks in the first 20 minutes of the second half only to burst to full throttle towards the end. From this pool, Attie du Plessis (center) is fast proving his worth with a tactical gameplay and bursts of energy racing for some of the greatest tries from the team while Linfort Oosthuisen is head and shoulder high. With the reserve team having thus managed to prove its potential, a number of players in this pool are itching to land in the main premier league team.

“You need to man up and play the game, everyone wants to play in the first team, the next game will see some few changes just so to give everyone a chance in the first team which is a good thing,” says Western Suburbs’ number 19 and Welwitschia Captain Eugene Jantjies.

However, the show down with Trustco United saw the reserves emerging victorious at the back of an uncontested 51-0. With some of Western Suburbs crème de la crème currently in the national team, Jantjies is not solidly optimistic on greater chances of scooping the league title although he says everything depends on playing as team.

The team has managed to skip past Rehoboth (58-34) and Wonderers (25-17) with quite some ease although a string of yellow cards has dealt it a number of blows. Unam stood in the way inflicting a fatal blow with the boys blindingly staggering to face Trustco on homeground which saw them putting up quite a fight that was highly charged with emotions. Although the team has been dominated at the front in most of its games, former national team coach and Western Suburbs Director Walter Don submits that despite the challenge he will not lose sleep as long as the boys over-run their opponents.

“We have a serious challenge and we need to work on our technique because we are quite lighter in body stature but I do not have a problem with that as long as we can beef up in order for our backs to overrun them then I am fine,” he tells The Villager Sport. Western Suburbs came out victorious at the back of a 2317 win although the team had to suffer another fatal setback. Inside Center Deveroux Jansen suffered a broken leg in a spine chilling foul to add to the three injuries the team has suffered so far.

“We wish him a speedy recovery, he is one of our key players but we still managed to be good enough to step up the game,” he says. However, Thompson’s boys still have to walk past Kudus this weekend then Walvis Bay and Reho-falcons with bonus points to increase the chances of scooping the title only on the condition that Unam suffers a loss. The latest show down this past week against the Kudus was a tough ride through the rains on home ground and although they came out triumphant (21-13), Don was not impressed.

“The boys are starting to tire out and this is the fifth consecutive game, these youngsters are not used to the hard temper of this game and the challenges as demanded from the premier league. That’s why I had a tough talk with them, I will give them some rest up to until Easter, it was not a great win,” he says. Meanwhile for Team Manager Cournel the league is fast proving to be a brave fight against the storm.