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FIFA does not allow governments to interfere in administration - Geingob

Fri, 31 March 2017 20:46
by Kelvin Chiringa

President Hage Geingob this week told the newly elected interim committee and various stake holders of the Namibia Premier League (NLP), that although he is the patron of the game of football in the country day to day administration of the league is not his responsibility.

“Soccer problem did not start last month or this year, it has been there but I will state again that nobody from the soccer administration came to see me and of because you had to go to the minister concerned and on 16 February, I got a note from Doeseb. “I then wrote to the minister to give him a heavy task whereby they should set up an independent committee to look into this business. That was on the same date I received the letter,” Geingob said. He further noted that it is unfair to say that the President does nothing, as the state is not also allowed to interfere in administration matters by FIFA as it is FIFA rules.

As the head of state I appointed minsters, my ministers are more than capable to do anything that is why they are there. Geingob reiterated that all the problems NPL faces where causes by the administration and head of state are not to be blamed in any way. “On the 28th of last month I got a note from the minister outlining how the soccer issue will be targeted and worked out. “Objects and scope as well as reporting all the things he has set up regard ing the soccer issue and then I am told the committee was established. “We are now talking in the scope of last month and now, I am now asking when the football problem started so that I can be accused of not doing anything and that it is unfair that I am not doing anything,” Geingob said.

The newly elected NPL interim committee informed Geingob about the latest development and progress regarding sponsorship. According to the chairperson, Franco Cosmos, the new committee has already written several letters to possible sponsors and their just waiting for responses. “With MTC as the main sponsor we have approached some corporate companies through procedures to sponsor the league and wait on their responses.

“If and when the interim committee gets their house in order MTC will release the N$15 million for the league to kick off. “On top of it we gotten a positive response from the Namibia Breweries that they are willing to assist in the kick off of the league while we are finding proper remedies to fixe what has happened so that it can not happen again,” Cosmos said. He added that the problem might not be the money but could be the leadership and poor administration of the league that has lead to the collapse of the NPL. However, The Villager learnt that the problems leading to collapse of the NPL was only brought forward to Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) last year in July.