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Boxing, Wrestling Control Board are 'Botsotsoz' - sponsors

Fri, 17 March 2017 21:04
by Kelvin Chiringa
News Flash

Prominent boxing promoter Kinda Nangolo has revealed that legal action will be taken by his camp against the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board for allegedly swindling funds meant for paying seven boxers.

Nangolo has accused the embattled board of lying to the nation and not being honest with funds provided to them as he awaits advice on what legal steps to take against it. It has emerged that the control board whose deplorable financial situation is now an open secret had refused to sanction the match which Nangolo was organizing only for his money to be fleeced thereafter.

“It came as a surprise. I was struggling so much so that they can sanction the fight I was organizing. They did not want to sanction it when I requested in several meetings. It was only through the intervention of the Minister of Sport that they decided to give me the go ahead. Come the day of the fight, my money is not there,” said the disappointed promoter.

He could not specify whether he had filed court papers against the board as a first step to coerce it to account for every penny used for in-house payments. “It’s obvious; I am going to take action against them. They used the money without my consent, how can they do that? I can’t believe that. Someone in a senior position appointed even by the government and you say you are fit to run a board. I can’t believe that! I thought the Botsotsoz are in the streets, but it means they are also hiding in the offices,” Nangolo fumed.

He could not however divulge how much of what was deposited in the board’s account was used. He said the board had not met him prior to the fight to let him know that they had no money and would need financial assistance. It has further emerged that after misappropriating funds provided by Kinda Promotions, the board further did not confide with Nangolo as to what they had done with the money that was supposed to have been paid to nine of his boxers.

“None of them dared to come to me and tell me that they do not have any money and that they had used my money. They thought better to keep quite and mess up with my name,” he also said. He has also revealed to this publication that the board has not notified him whether they will pay back the money and on what date while he is pessimistic on any chances of recovering the funds. “I do not have proof that they are even going to pay it back,” he said while he blamed the board for stoking suspicion and mistrust between him and and his boxers.

“They have messed up with my boxers and they want to destroy our relationship. They are trying to actually destroy everything including the sponsors,” he said. Efforts to reach the board members proved to be a chase after the winds as the phones could not be picked up while Ronald Kurtz said he was in a meeting and was not picking up his phone thereafter. Meanwhile the scorned promoter told The Villager that he was looking forward to the Sport Ministry to take action against the current board whose actions he said was killing the spirit of boxing. “Boxing is our number one sport in Namibia so far, maybe even in Africa but only for one person to destroy something like that,” he said.