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11 signs your music career has no future

Sat, 18 February 2017 00:36
by Ester Simon
News Flash

The Villager Metro caught up with established artists, music producers and managers to compile a list of clear signs that there is no hope for your music career. These signs clearly show that one must buckle up and enjoy a fresh new start in something else or rather gear yourself up and up your game. Speaking to the Villager Metro are reputable musician Sally and Gazza, well known music producer Dj Kbozz, Arafat manager and producer and Antonio owner of album distributor shop Antonio’s Art, record label owner and manager.

No Musical Talent

Dj Kbozz - Skill and talent are very important in a music career, artists cannot go around relying on auto tune. We want entertainment and to hear their (actual) own voices. Such artists without talent, we can tell that they will not last in the industry. Not everyone is born an artist but nowadays almost every Tom and Jerry wants to be an artist.

Arafat- Not every artist is musically talented, some do music for the wrong reasons, some really have a passion and some do it only for money and fame which then indicates that they are not worth the time and might fall any time.

Lack of Good Management

Sally - Proper management is very important and if an artist lacks good management then his/her musical path might flow down the drain easily.

Antonio - For artists to flourish they need excellent management, they need to be under a label that can facilitate their career and lift them from one stage to another, if they don’t have that then they are likely to collapse.

Fame & Pride

Arafat - Even the bible says, “The beginning of the fall for man is pride”. Thus pride paves way for downfall. More importantly, how artists react to fame is crucial, they need to be able to handle fame. If they can’t then the fame will swallow them. I have seen in Namibia that the worst enemy of progress is fame and pride, for instance look at what happened to Mazanga… the moment they (artists) start being famous they think they have arrived, when the way they walk and talk is changing then it’s clear, there is no future there. Sally - If an artist is only interested in the fame part of the career and not the actual work then it’s a problem, because anybody can become famous even for all the wrong reasons.

Gazza - An artist should be a person of character but if they are moved or changed by fame then it’s worth a worry. A person of character is not changed by materialistic things, an artist must not be changed by the state of his/her fame, it’s nice to be famous, and it’s nice to have money but remain kind.

Good music

Dj Kbozz - Doing good music is important and will get anyone recognized, music needs to speak to people. Even if people pull off all the stunts on the internet they will not get a mark in the industry if they don’t do good music.

Arafat- Music should speak to people and the people should be able to relate to your music if they don’t then you suck and that’s it!

Hard Work Vs Talent

Arafat - Talent and hard work are both important, for instance how many talented people do we know out there that are talented but are not making money and how many are hardworking and not talented but are making big sales? I can give you a perfect example, Jericho is one of the best hip hop artists I have ever worked with, very talented but does not make as much or more than Nakale who is not talented at all, cannot sing but the guy is hardworking and he is selling like crazy.


Dj Kbozz - Someone that is not full time into music, does not guarantee to give his best, an individual that might really prosper is someone that gives their full energy into their music especially if they are upcoming.

Arafat - Commitment is very important and it’s easy to observe. You look at the artist’s punctuality and how often they make it to the studio. For instance when you say let’s start at 16h00 then that person should be at the studio even around 15h30.

No Vision

Sally - If artists themselves don’t have goals and visions of where they want to be in the next two or three years then it will be difficult for them to last.

Lack of Respect

Gazza - Respect is a critical aspect in the music industry and can get an artist really far in his career.

Arafat - Mazanga symptoms are when artists don’t respect their managers. When they start seeing you as a friend and not a boss or a manager it’s a big problem and a clear sign of falling in the career. If there is respect from the artist side it motivates investors to invest more.

Choosing Wrong Battles

Arafat - Learn from the Guru’s and people that have be in the industry for some time rather than coming into the industry and try to shame the old dogs. Learn from the likes of Gazza, The Dogg, Tate Buti and the many others. Especially upcoming artist they should avoid battles that might lead to halt or downfall of their career for example the Young T and Gazza Sagga or Mjay trying to use my name of Facebook to make me look bad but upcoming kids like him need to refocus their energy into positive things and learn from the best.

X Factor

Dj Kbozz - Every artist has uniqueness that makes them stand out from everyone else. For instance even of you don’t really like that artist there is just something unique that will stand out and you will notice. So if an artist does not have an x factor than it’s a dead case. Lack of Financial Sally - not having financial support can set an artist off as they won’t be able to do all that they should do.