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IUM starts new academic year

Wed, 8 February 2017 23:18
by Rodney Pienaar
News Flash

The International University of Management (IUM) today officiated the new academic year at the institution’s main campus in Windhoek, today.

This year’s opening ceremony welcomed new student from over 13 other countries drawn to IUM by its demand driven programmes, outstanding faculties and world class academic environment. Speaking at the opening ceremony IUMs acting, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kingo Mchombu reiterated that the enquiries that continue to be made and interest shown by prospective students indicate that numbers will continue to increase.

“You have made a wonderful choice to come to IUM to further your tertiary education. Our ambition is that you all as students of IUM are on your way to an exciting educational experience full of academic opportunities and personal growth. While still at the same subject as the University continues to grow we are committed to increase the staff both at academic and administrative staff,” Mchombu said.

He added that IUM is fortunate to welcome 17 new academics and 2 administrative staff this academic year, whose diverse areas of expertise will build upon the remarkable dedication to excellence in teaching and learning at IUM. 1 750 students graduated from IUM in September last year and the IUM staff are looking forward to seeing more students graduate this year academic year compared to last year the Chancellor of IUM Dr, David Namwandi said, when delivering the key note address at the event.

“Following the humble beginnings over two decades ago we are still progressing. Firm and on in line with our vision and mission and by so doing so completing the Government’s commitment to higher education. Certainly our growth is inevitable but it is just natural the growth attracts a lot of challenges which include infrastructural threat to quality. It is therefore my directive that team of community scholars , we must strive for nothing else by quality,” Namwandi said.

He added that under his chairmanship he shall continue to smoothen the road to victory. I encourage IUM academics to hit the ground running in this regards. Namwandi reiterated that some of the faculties also introduced new programmes. In the Faculty of Information and Technology, two programmes have been introduced. The Faculty of Tourism, Travel Hospitalization and Event Managements has also been introduced this academic year.

In her motivational speech, Victoria Muranda Manager of Corporate Communications and Consumer Education at Namibia Financial Institution Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA),urged to students to stay away from negative company and all social evil.

“The fact that you are here today means you have decided to either better your lives or the lives of others. So I would like you to congratulate the person next to you for adding value to their lives by being part of great institution IUM. Some left their loved ones and came to the big city to improve their lives. That means sacrifices where made for you to be here and I would thus like to ask that you do not disappoint the person/s that made or still making sacrifices to ensure your wellbeing at IUM,” Muranda said.

She added that it will not be easy, you will stress and get depressed – Infect the hustle will be real, but you will have to keep the faith remain determined and keep going and remind yourself that you are here for a reason critiques will criticize but do not let them validate you - keep your eye on your goals.