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The misinterpretation of ÔÇÿFearless YouthÔÇÖ

Fri, 3 February 2017 20:38
by Chris-Paul
News Flash

Answers not anger, empowerment not resentment. Society is usually an implementation of certain design, normally by the powerful, but that’s not to say the commoners are powerless to interact against that.

That in no way means that things always go in the way of the powerful because we are human beings. We have our thoughts and feelings; we wake up from the matrix every so often and say we are going to divert the course of power into this or that particular direction. Then those interacting social forces, sadly means the balance of power certainly lies with the powerful. So the result, one would argue, are predictable in a way that they favour people who already have some kind of access to power in some form be it cultural, racial, social or whatever else.

I’m not a politician, but I think the only way to soothe people’s pain is to give them a positive response that constitutes answers not anger, empowerment not resentment. The model that the president has pioneered is the way we ought to run the country. We ought to get everyone together, agree on what we are going to do and make something sustainably good happen. That way is better than this constant fighting and conspiracy theories.

Thus as everyday people of this country we should not give in to this lowest common denominator and look at the government or current administration as the enemy. Of course there are those that have made it their day job to make Namibian youths think that resenting, distrusting and disrespecting their leaders on social medial or other platforms equals them to be what they call a ‘fearless youth’, a phrase they have coined to celebrate youth mindlessness mistaken for bravery and intelligence; which for me is a euphemism for a blind, less informed and myopic subject of the conniving others.

This phrase has been hugely and purposely misinterpreted and misused by those with a sordid political agenda, the likes of Imms Nashinge and the lot, who take advantage of their gullible youthful The misinterpretation of ‘Fearless Youth’ followers. It is sinister how the likes of the ever-present Nashinge and the lot have become in the public domain. People like Nashinge are not controversial, but downright toxic and it is remarkable how fast they become the press’ resident trolls.

Opportunism abhors a vacuum and Nashinge and the lot will fill it. And the media will not only indulge them, they will confect and contort to position them in the spotlight. If Nashinge’s actions in recent times and perhaps most recently his self leaked audio that went viral on social network last week is anything to go by, he is belligerent and provocative with being evidently bad tempered.

Listening to the audio made me shudder with embarrassment; I kept asking myself if this really is what we want to be the next generation of politicians in this country. The evidently young and probably inexperienced reporter from The Villager had him in the corner, and he did what any politician that lacks tact and diplomacy does when confronted; retort into a defensive mode. Nashinge and the lot are hypocrites whose edges are softened by their association to the Swapo party and socialisation with some of the party’s bigwigs. If life were a comic, Nashinge would be the inept right-hand man to the actual villain, never the main man. He is not particularly intelligent either; the mainstream media tolerance of his ilk is because their narrow-mindedness is leavened with an air of incompetence and lack of polish. People like Nashinge and the lot are not controversial, they are not “enlivening the debate”, and these are people trying to make their sordid agenda backed views mainstream, views that are contributing to toxicity of public discourse.

The false equivalence of the Nashinges of this world is inflicting a mortal wound on the concept of ‘Fearless Youth’. Don’t get me wrong, I am for each and every one that has this country’s interest at heart youth or non-youth, politician or non-politician, pundit or non-pundit. I just want to reiterate that being an intelligent and fearless youth is not how loud you raise your voice to your democratically elected leaders, but possessing that dexterity and subtlety without losing focus of the discourse and resorting to anger and divisive tactics. Intelligence and fearlessness is questioning and bringing our leaders to task, without resorting to cheap tactics.

Let us be honest these type of people do not give damn about the well being of the county, they just wish they or their favoured candidates were in the driving seat. How do you want what is good for your country when you are that opportunist that jumps to support every opportunity of chaos and anarchy in the country, or those behind it for that matter? Well, for those who have been trying to figure out how did we get here, here is a newsflash: it is not Facebook feeds or Whatsapp groups, it is the respectable press that have provided a platform and dictated the terms, all the while polishing a gloss of respectability over Nashinge and his ilk , theirs lies, cants, propaganda and manipulations.

My final thoughts are that next time you see these ‘Fearless Youths’ on TV, in the newspaper, or hear them on radio, do not roll your eyes and switch the channel. Understand that these are the bearers of propaganda for the youthful minds and the media appointed them, but there is nothing fearless about them, and bravery and intelligence are not words that should remotely be associated with them.

They bask in the ignorance of the most ignorant section of the youths who see them as heroes without really understanding what has led to the emergence of people like them.