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Beware of the Rich

Fri, 27 January 2017 18:56
by Editorial
News Flash

It has been said before and it must be said again that a nation that still believes in tribalism is yet to see the light. Despite embarrassing incidences involving high-ranking officials, Namibia still sees itself through tribal eyes.

The talk about meetings that allegedly were held in the north of the country where people who were once enemies sat together reeks of nothing but tribal politics. It’s sad that while this is happening, no such meetings are being held to address the ever deepening social problems bedeviling the less fortunate who have been reduced to squatters in their own country. If it is true that such meetings happened, it is sad because some of the people whose names have been thrown around have made lots of money not from breaking any sweat but sucking up to power.

These are the people who are holding this nation to ransom because they have made so much money which they now use to punish the less fortunate ones. Weak business people use politics to enrich themselves and not business acumen. They bribe or blackmail their way. This can explain why Namibia’s corruption perception has increased this year. The less fortunate are slowly realising that their share of the cake is being grabbed by the few who blackmail and bribe the politicians. The politician too is so weak to stand up to the bullying tactics of the rich who have the means to destroy those unwilling to cooperate.

Indeed, most politicians who have stood their ground against the rich have not lasted their term. This could have not happened here but it can happen. It is, therefore, up to the people whose share has been stolen and whose share could be taken away to stand up in defence of their children inheritance. This will not be easy to do but it can be done.

If it is not done, the rich will get richer while the poor slide further into the mud of poverty. History knows that when the rich want to make money, they create problems for the poor. This could be in form of creating artificial commodity shortages or cosmetic unemployment. This will happen and can happen here in Namibia when the rich become desperate to edge out any politician who dare stand in their way. For this reason, no rich man has ever been a patriot.

They cannot be because all they are after is profit. So anyone who stands in the way of their profit becomes an enemy. If you look around you, business people can fight among themselves but when it comes to defending their interests, they become one. It is in this light that the alleged meetings do not augur well for this country especially at the time when the economy is hanging by a whisker. It takes us all to stand up against the rich.