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NamÔÇÖs Top Five Selling Albums

Mon, 28 November 2016 16:05
by Ester Simon

It has been an old-age tradition in southern Africa, and most probably across the globe that artists would release hot albums or singles as we approach the traditional festive season.

In the most recent history the likes of the late Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Cheek to Cheek, just to mention a few, would fall over their heels to release albums during this time and music boxes would be heard blaring their music out loud from every tavern and household.

The current generation have lived up to the tradition, and quite excitingly Namibian artists have taken up their rightful place in the country and no more are the music loving public only fed music from across the Orange River and overseas during this time of enjoyment and quality family time.  

In that spirit local artists have already started to flood the market with newly released albums in the race for the hottest album during the festive season.

An added impetus for the overwhelming influx of new local release this time of the year is the rush to meet the deadline set by the organisers of the Namibian Annual Music Awards, which requires musicians to only enter songs, albums and videos released by November the preceding year of the awards.

According to album distributor, Antonio’s Art, there are currently five top selling albums, being Young T’s Becoming a King, Jomolizo’s Kandjetu, Ann Singer’s Bullet Proof album, Walls of Jericho by Jericho as well as conjoined album by Satlam and M-jay titled Oxula for Success.

It should come as no surprise that after only few days of releasing his album, Young T is topping the number one best-selling album spot because his singles have been making waves and going viral.

The most loved and embellished track from the album is Fikulimwe.

This album also has hit songs such as Namtenya and Nangula, with very eye-catching music videos to go with them.

Jomolizo with his 12-track album Kandjetu is second to Young T. 

‘’Jomolizo’s album was leading for the past week up until Young T dropped his album, sales became crazy” said Antonio .

 “This song, Kandjetu, has been listened to to such an extent that even small kids know the lyrics A-Z and because of its popularity I decided to name the entire album Kandjetu” said Jomolizo

“I produced the album myself and I worked with other artists on the album such as Galo-7, Liina and Vision Boy” Jomolizo said.

Antonio, in an exciting twist of events, exclusively informed The Villager Metro that he is in the process of signing Jomolizo for his stable.

“I am busy finalizing paper work to sign up Jomolizo. By the end of this week he will be signed under my record label, Deal Done Records,” he beamed.

Jomolizo in confirmation said: “I will be signed under Deal Done Records soon and I cannot wait to work with a team of great people.”

Bullet Proof by Ann Singer, which is named after one song on the album, has 14 tracks. 

Singer informed The Villager Metro that “I wrote all the songs on the album except only for two which were written by Betholdt. I have worked with Arrafat, Betholdt and Taz on the album.”

Jericho’s album, which was released a week ago, got fans storming Antonio’s Art to get hold of the 14-track album, which took 4 years to be make. 

In an interview with The Villager Jericho said: “I worked on this album for four years because I focus on quality and not quantity“.

He further explained that: “The name of the album was inspired by a Bible story. My name Jericho comes from the Bible and The Walls of Jericho is a story from the Bible. I have worked with Sunny Boy and Exit on a song called Keep It Silent. I have also worked with Mazanga, Pondi, Tayshaun and a new artist on the scene called Remedy, and an upcoming producer called Dj Dozza”

The collaboration of Satlam and M-Jay saw them successfully pulling off the Oxula for Success album, which is street lingo for ‘Hunger for Success’ and it is currently occupying the fifth spot on the local chart. 

“The hunger that we have for success is all that drives us. It’s actually also what inspired the name of the album. The album has 19 tracks and we featured Exit, Mr Simple, Orizza, D-Kandjatha, Shitana, Jay Jay, Chake Mate ad Longizo. 

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“The Namibian music industry has been progressing over the years. Looking at all the different genres that we have, progress is not rapid but it is visible. Especially the upcoming artists that are coming out, talent is once again visible, the top five selling albums can attest to that,” said Antonio.