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TKB - RunduÔÇÖs finest to bring out 4th album

Mon, 28 November 2016 16:01
by Ester Simon

Rundu’s trio music sensation boyband group TKB, who are popularly known for their hit singles Lovisa, My Tura Love, and Kawe, have released a single titled Twamana Nare.

The group released its debut album in 2012, titled Breakthrough that received a lot of support in Rundu where their highest fan base is.

They also have a second album called, Calamari, and yes this is like the fish. They titled their album Calamari because for them this represent something good and hard to find much like their talent. Calamari is the album that produced the hit song, My Tura Love.

The third album, titled Kawe, which means diamond, produced one of the group’s hottest hit singles, which is also titled Kawe. 

What does TKB stand for and what inspired the name of the group?

Tight Kassie Brothers (TKB), we come up with that name because of the relationship we have with each other. Firstly tight refers to the bond amongst us, and Kassie is generally were we grew up, we are not town boys but rather Kassie boys. The three of us are cousins and in our culture cousins are classified as brothers so we refer to ourselves as brothers.

Describe yourself in two words 

Sai – Creative, caring

Bones – Fun, gentle

When did you discover your passion for music? 

B-zo: I discovered my passion for music at a very tender age. When I was a small boy I used to love Brenda Fassie. Wherever I went to my family’s places I would sing a song called Vulindlela by Brenda Fassie and make money, I made people to pay for my singing or in the location they would give me ice and then I would sing for them. Almost everyone in our town knew about it. They would call me Vulindlela. I love singing and when I grew up I decided to try my own songs.  

Under which record label are you signed? 

Sai -We are signed under a Choke Entertainment, which is our own record label.

What has been your most embarrassing moments on stage?

Bones - there is an experience I will never forget. There was a day we were performing and there was a hole on that stage and it was covered with wood but I did not see it. That wood was not even strong because while we were performing I jumped to dance and my one foot went straight into the hole. I was then stuck on the stage with one foot in a hole. B-zo quickly gave me a helping hand and luckily people did not see it clearly because it all happened so fast.

Who is your celebrity crush? 

B-zo – Uhm, it would be the Nigerian artist that sang Johnny, Yemi Alade. This lady has a beautiful voice.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

Sai - Internationally it will be Diamond Platnumz (Mr Diamond) a Tanzanian artist and locally Young T

What is your favourite meal? 

B-zo - Porridge with Mutete (salty spinach) and goat meat

Bones - Meat and Mahangu Porridge 

Sai - Rice and chicken

Where would your holiday destination be and why?  

Bones - I would like to explore Dubai because based on the pictures I have seen of the place one can conclude that it is a very beautiful and interesting place.

What special talent do you have that your fans don’t know about? 

B-zo - I can act. I also do acting and am also good in doing the Kavango cultural dance.

What message is in your latest track?

Sai - we recently released a single titled Twamananare meaning we are finished already. We have been facing a lot of problems in the music industry where people treat us in a bad way, some hating on us and others go to extend of even spreading lies and talking behind our backs. However we are not the only ones going through suchness so in Twamananare we sing of ‘my life is mine, not ours. my stories are mine not ours’. So people should learn to mind their own business. 

When can we expect your next album?  

 Next year. The album is almost done. The single we released recently, Twamananare is part of next year’s album.

What inspires you to keep working so hard? 

Bones - Our fans keep us going. We do music for the people, we believe in music. So whenever we do something we aim to make our fans happy. Delivering the best inspires and pushes us to work hard.

If you were stuck on a boat with Gazza, Kanibal, Blossom and Sally and you had to eat two of them, who would you plot with and who are the two people you would eat? 

B-zo - I will work with Gazza and Sally so we crunch on Kanibal and Blossom.

Sai - I will plot with the ladies, Sally and Blossom so we eat up Kanibal and Gazza.

What qualities do you look for in a women? 

B-zo – Discipline, hard worker, able to do house chores and be a home lover.

Bones - A very clean lady. She must be well presentable and hard working.

Sai - Loving, caring and should love kids 

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?  

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B-zo - They should be humble and be go getters. Always go after your dreams, be creative and always give your best when presented an opportunity to perform.