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Big and beautiful on the catwalk

Mon, 28 November 2016 15:57
by Ester Simon

The female modeling and fashion industry is usually associated with tall and slender figures.

However, of late, women with fuller bodies have taken the industry by storm and Namibians are to join in the fun when the Miss Plus Size International, which embraces women with curves, will hit our shores soon.

The voluptuous women will grace the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) stage this week Friday where they will battle for the title of the most beautiful and curvy.

The first ever show of its kind in Namibia will provide a platform to girls who are of the size 34+ ranging from the ages of 18 to 28. 

Vincent and Familia Rotina are expected to rock the stage and keep the 250 expected audiences hyped up with their musical performances.

In an interview with The Villager Metro, international model and organiser of the event Margareth Shivolo, better known as Margo Rusky, said: “The event is established to give girls who are plus size a platform to rock. Modeling is not a thing for skinny girls or girls of 0 size alone. I believe in inclusivity and giving individuals equal opportunities.” 

She explained that Miss Plus Size International aims at promoting healthy lifestyle and spiritual wellbeing as well as creating recognition for plus size girls. The pageant is open for anyone regardless of their nationality.

“Every one living in Namibia as long as they are plus size can enter, it is not limited to Namibians only,” Shivolo noted.

“Currently we have 10 models that will be contesting for Miss Plus Size International 2016, of which eight are Namibians, one South African and one Angolan. The major challenge however with plus size girls is confidence. Most of them are shy to part take and that’s why we ended up with only a number of 10 participants” said Margo.

The enthusiastic Margo informed The Villager that she has many more events planned during next winter that will put her campaign to promote the plus size girls to entice more ladies to come out of their shells with boosted self-esteems and strut their stuff.

Shedding more light on the upcoming event Margo said: “I initiated the event last year when I hosted Miss International Students Russia, which was a pageant for all girls coming from different countries studying in Russia for the 0 size. However the majority of the girls that showed interest were plus size girls, which resulted in them not qualifying. That made me realize that the modelling market lacked something and there was a gap for plus size girls. This year’s pageant will be season two as season one took place in Tambov, Russia last year. The pageant itself was founded and started last year, and Martha Mwatile, a medical graduate, was crowned as Miss Plus Size International 2015.”

Since it’s an international award we decided to centralize the pageant as much as possible, in that regard we decided to keep hosting the pageant in the country of the title holder, hence Miss Plus Size 2016 will be hosted in Namibia because Miss Plus Size International 2015 is Namibian.

The organisers of the event have decided to stage the Miss Plus Size International in the country of the title holder every year in order to give it an international appeal.

Margo is also set to join the adjudicating panel this year as she believes she has vast experience to be able to do so.

“I will be adjudicating as well because I have relevant experience. I have been a model for 12 years, an international model for 5 years and the rest here in Namibia, I believe I have gathered enough experience by now,” she said.

As years go by stereotypes of such profound industries are being broken. 

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“Modeling being for 0 size individuals, has been a statement that we need to do away with, models can be any size,” added Margo.