Ministry targets better Grade 10/12 results

Despite a massive teachers’ strike that threatened to disrupt this year’s examinations, the Education, Arts and Culture Ministry has adamantly expressed its hopes for improved results from this year’s grade 10 and 12 candidates, The Villager can reveal. 

Speaking to The Villager, the Ministry’s Chief Public Relations Officer Johanna Absalom, states that about 50,012 grade 10 learners sat for this year’s external examinations of which 11735 were part time candidates while the rest being full timers.

Grade 12 students amounted to 65 863 candidates of which 30 423 were part timers both from NSSC High level and Ordinary level.

With this number of candidates registered, the ministry has targets to improve last year’s results with more improved tangible strategies having been put in place.

“The ministry embarked on an “Are You Ready for Exams?” campaign that has been instrumental and beneficial for the preparedness of learners throughout the year and has held consultative meetings with all stakeholders in the education sector as well as an intervention that brought to the fore significant insight and allowed for strategies and activities to be designed for implementation”, she has said.   

The Ministry recorded a 54.3% pass rate for last year’s grade 10 while the grade 12 pass rates showed a decrease of 0.6% in NSSC Higher level compared to that of 2014. 

“A total of 13 172 of the 61 159 Grade 12 candidates (fulltime and part-time) entered for one or more NSSC Higher Level subjects. When compared to the 2014 results, the 2015 results showed that the percentage of candidates obtaining grade 1, 2, 3 and 4 decreased from 96.0% in 2014 to 95.4% in 2015.

Out of 40 832 full-time and part-time candidates who registered for the Grade 12 Ordinary Level in 2015, 92.9% were graded in 2015 compared to 93.2% in 2014 for full time and 78.8% were graded in 2015 compared to 79.2% in 2014.

According to Absalom, the Ministry sees no effect on the upcoming results due to the massive teacher’s strike that previously took place as learners were properly counseled.

University of Namibia Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Science Prof Jairos Kangira, states that the education system in Namibia is rapidly growing year after year.

“ I think that the quality of education has improved over the years and UNAM in its capacity, it is doing a fantastic job in training teachers for this nation and we are training them here at UNAM in the faculty of education and in all the faculties ranging from Mathematics, Science and English”, he said.

Kangira express that the teachers strike that previously took place has had no effects to the learners and their upcoming results.

“I do not think that the teacher’s strike had any significant impact on the results”, he said.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a teacher from the northern part of the country expressed concern in the quality of the Namibian education system.

“I think the education system at the moment does not really have quality in term of facilities and materials not being shared by learners in some schools, some schools in the north do not have classroom infrastructures and it also depends to where the person is, either in town where there is all the necessary facility aid while some school only end up to grade 4 with no addition grade for learners to progress”, she said.

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The grade 10 and 12 candidates of this year are expected to get their results during the December/ January period.