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Sport needs business ÔÇÿmindedÔÇÖ leadership

Mon, 14 November 2016 16:29
by Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Running a sports club or a Sport organisation is not easy as it seem to be, it requires more than loving it but skills, dedication, and passionate to keep it going for more years to benefit the next generations.
This is a business that requires proper planning, budgeting and auditing. The men and women in front should always put the team interest first. A sponsorship is so important for any sport club; many clubs have come and gone due to funds drying up. Sport can contribute to economics by helping to build infrastructures, generate income and secure inflow of foreign capitals.
But the question is, are local sports administrators well equipped with the necessary skills to run it?  
The villager contacted the University of Namibia (UNAM) and to our surprise they don’t offer sport management, while Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) is also at the same page but plans are under way to introduce it next year which can be good news for those who wants to take up the course but at the moment none of the highest institutions in the country is doing anything towards sports development.  
Local sport analyst Isack Hamata is of the opinion that sport administrators should have sport background for them to know what they are doing. “It is important to study sport management because if we have to turn around sport in this country, then we need to start with leadership, they should get proper skills to run the business, because now people are just doing it for the love of the game” said Hamata.
Chairperson of Namibia Sports Commission Joel Matheus also supports the importance of sports management studies in the country saying that providing sports administrators with the necessary skills to run the business of sport correctly is so important. “We need provide our sport administrators with proper education for them to do their job as it supposed to be, we need a sector that regulate on that otherwise we will have shortage on in that capacity” Matheus said.
He further expressed his happiness with NUST for introducing the course next year, “I had a meeting with NUST and they are planning to introduce a bachelor of sport management in 2017 which is a commendable thing as it will contribute to sport development” said Matheus.  
Poor management and bad decisions can lead to the collapse of a sport club. Locally we had Liverpool from Okahandja who won the league in the season of 2001/02, but to date they are nowhere to be found. One would wound where is Oshakati City who finished second in the season of 2016/7 and now they are playing the lower division. This is all due to lack of fundings or poor management. The same goes with players who squared their money and enter up penniless when they retire.
Sport create leaders as most sport personalities are disciplined and can pass on the knowledge to next generations, it take kids of the street and stay away from drugs and alcohol plus sport women and men live a healthy life style. One can’t ignore the fact that sport can bring people together, imagine going to the stadium without knowing anybody but once the game begin you start celebrating with strangers people you total don’t know.
Recently Chinese president donated 13 trions towards football development for the country to dominate global football within the next ten (10) years. That is a symbol of how people can take sport seriously because they know it is worth the money and a good investment.
A good example is the South African legend Jomo Sono who bought Highlands Park and renamed it to Jomo Cosmos which is now a successful team club even though they have been up and down but he is making money out of it and employees a lot of players that provide for their families including Namibian players current and past like Lazarus Kaimbi, Abisai Shiningayamwe, Denzel Hoseb and Ananias Gebhardt just to mention a few.