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Ruberto ÔÇô King of Gowns

Wed, 26 October 2016 15:41
by Pelagia Ndakukamo

Ruberto Scholtz is very shy, that is the first thing you will learn about him but his introvert personality has not stopped him from making the only dress that would make any fashion lover stop dead in their tracks to stare. He started being the tall of fashion hall ways when he put out made an Emerald green mermaid tails dress with a halter neck and the most exquisite beading or sequins. He is making name for himself with gowns which have come in wine (dark red), emerald green and beige.
This week The Villager Metro caught up with him to get to know the talent behind the sewing.
When did it dawn on you that fashion designing was your calling?
Ever since I could remember, the vivid memory was when I was grade two, I remember being a kid who liked drawing. One day I came home to a Huisgenoot magazine, I paged through it and came across fashion illustrations and I started copying from them and putting my own clothing on them.
Tell us about your experience as one of the stylists for the 2016 Namas?
Definitely an honour, even though it was probably the hardest month of production I experienced extreme lack of sleep. I would say it was a cool experience.
What is the best outfit that you have ever made in your opinion?
The green sequence dress that made it to Hollywood. It was only worn by Nangula Nanyemba and Tjuna Kauapirura
What international star do you dream of styling?
They are countless, but Kim Kardashian West and Rihanna are at the top of my list because they have a strong fashion sense. There is something about Rihanna’s style, it is effortless and no one pull it off like she does.
Where would you rank yourself as a fashion designer amongst other Namibian fashion designers?
I am still just a student so I don’t consider myself a fully established yet.
Tell us about the worst outfit or design you have ever come across in Namibian fashion?
I haven’t thought of it
What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2017 as far as fashion design is concerned?
To have my own furnished fashion studio, it’s actually a long-term goal of mine
Approximately how many hours do you spend sewing?
About 10 hours depends.
What is the most challenging thing about fashion designing?
Being consistent. You need to be unique. You always need to up your game, be on trend with whatever you do and you can never get too comfortable in fashion designing.
Is this a full time job?
Who is your fashion muse?
Nangula Nanyemba, I feel like she is intriguing and she is the queen of DIY, she is almost the same as Rihanna, no one can pull it off quite like them. I would always imagine her in my clothing.
Are there outfits you have made that you are not proud of?
Yes, the colours, cut and the fabric were all off point.
Do you have any other talents beyond fashion?
I don’t know, does sleeping count hahahaha
Are you planning on hosting any fashion shows?
Maybe in the near future, I would want to host my first solo fashion show.
Do you plan on launching a full clothing line any time soon?
What are you looking forward to for next year?
A lot, I look forward to working harder, to have a better creative flow and to get better at what I do. Everything is in God’s hands.