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Nam videos on the up and up

Mon, 19 September 2016 18:16
by Johanna Mafwila

The month of August and early September have seen Namibian music lovers being blessed and spoiled with music videos from some of their favourite artists with many upping the ante on the level of production expected and accepted when it comes to video production.
The 24th of August saw both Adora and Dixon dropping music videos of ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Ou tere’ with them gaining 4 225 and 4 927 views respectively. ‘Chocolate’ was shot on the beautiful island of Mauritius where Adora found herself performing during the 2016 U/17 COSAFA Cup games.
The video features the much-loved beautician with her dancers on the beautiful white beaches of Mauritius doing the much loved signature moves to the song that became very popular with audiences during the COSAFA Cup games held in Namibia this year.
The video could have been pushed to the edge with the appearance of a tall dark and handsome ‘chocolate’ man, instead of just using her dancers, giving us more of an idea about the mysterious chocolate she loves so much. Metro Rating: 3/5.
‘Ou Tere’ is shot in location in what appears to be a parking lot, with Dixon driving in on a yellow GTS that looks nothing short of being a bumble bee without the annoying bussing sound. The song tells a story about Dixon wanting a lass to warm his bed and it having nothing to do with the rest of the world, it’s just between the two of them and none of the worlds business. Metro Rating 3/5.
The second of September saw the release of Freeda’s “Change the world”, a song about how we as members of humanity need to change not only ourselves but society as a whole. The lyrics talk about looking at yourself and changing to make the world a better place. The video sees her wearing a white ensemble while what appears to be the bad in the world is tainted in different shades of either dirt or an array of colour.
The faux par of the video is that she sings about changing the world, but instead of her changing the world the bad that is in the world ends up changing her. 2/5 good video but the transformation that she sings about could have been portrayed by her.
Promise has yet again hit us with a new video that is a big hit in the industry. “Dogo dogo” released on the fourth of September, is a video in which the young lass speaks of how a young man is infatuated by a young lady but she has been cautioned by her mother to not let him ‘touch’ her. With a comical twist and the energetic dance moves that ‘Promise’ has become so known for, it is no wonder that the video has over 13 000 views on YouTube. This videos gains a solid 4/5 for the antics of the gardener.