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Meta - the life of a hip hop artist

Mon, 19 September 2016 18:14
by Johanna Mafwila

He might be relatively new to the Namibian music scene but Metarere Tjiho or Meta, as he is fondly known by his fans, is taking the Hip Hop scene by storm by not only giving audience something different but showing them that live performances work for all genres.
Meta, a presenter at local radio station 1FM, recently returned to Namibia from the United States to learn more about African music in a bid to build a skill he had already started honing over yonder.
“Most of my art was practiced in America and I felt the need to come home and learn about African music and that has had a huge influence on my art today. Most of my family are fully supportive because they have been able to see that I am doing what I am meant to be doing,” said Meta.
He went on to add that the biggest challenge he had to face was convincing his family that leaving America and coming back to Namibia to make music was the best choice.
He admits the idea sounded crazy but at that point in time but he felt it was the right decision for him as an artist.
The energetic Hip Hop artist initially planned on becoming a star soccer player but nagging knee and ankle injuries cut his exploits on the field short and he had to put his dreams of being the first Namibian plying his trade in the English Premier League aside.
“The most important thing music has done for me is giving me a sense of purpose, because I was never academically inclined and injuries and a lack of opportunities held me back from being a professional footballer. This led to me feeling lost and useless. Music and more so creating, recording and performing my music gave me a level of confidence and self-belief I have never felt before,” said Meta.
He added that music has given him an outlet to express himself as no one seemed to taking him seriously before he embarked on his music career. This, despite the fact that he is an individual with opinions on worldly matters like any other person. Music has also allowed for him to share his life stories that he was previously scared to share.
The road has not been easy, as in 2013 Meta was chosen to compete in the search for the best unknown rappers in America competition, having to perform in front of an audience of 600 people in Times Square, New York.
“I had been suffering from the flu prior to the day, and when I had to do my freestyle portion I was somewhat sub-par due to my wooziness and obvious nerves. Needless to say I was booed and I was kicking myself, but I pulled myself back together and performed well enough in the other parts of the competition to come in second place,” said Meta.
Finding growth in the industry due to the recent spurt of local performances every week, Meta has noticed that live performances are not only good for the fans but also the artists alike, as they give audiences something to look forward too while at the same time leading to a growth of the arts.
Live performances also accord the fans the opportunity to see, interact and get to know their preferred performers at a personal level, which is one of his favourite things not only a performer but also a fan, he added.
“I will be traveling the world, performing at festivals in different countries throughout the year, attending award shows, performing and collaborating alongside some of my idols and having a go at being a leading man on the silver screen. Most importantly I see myself giving a platform to talented Namibians who want to share their art with the world,” said Meta when asked about his future in local music.
Not shying away from giving credit where it is due Meta credits Darius Brandenburg and Nayasha Kirsten for helping him learn more behind science of music, which has helped him grow and continue to grow into a better artist.
“I believe in letting the music make that decision. The best thing I can do is work hard every day by keeping my art pure and delivering quality content to the people. So with that said anything is possible,” said Meta when asked about going back to the states to expand his horizons.