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Fishman fell in love with his wifeÔÇÖs humilit

Mon, 5 September 2016 18:26
by Johanna Mafwila


Namibian Musician Solomon Ulenga aka Fishman says he has always admired her wife from the first date and believed she had what it takes to mould him to the musician, man and celebrity that he is today.

Upon arriving at their humble Otjomuise home, I am received at the door by his happy and energetic three year old son Chris, who is happy to welcome me in and show me a new game he has discovered on his mother’s phone.

Having gotten into the industry in 2009 blowing audiences away with a hit single featuring former female duo Gal Level, Fishman has managed to excel not only on the music front but also on the home front.

Shange-elao, Fishman’s wife sits patiently on the couch watching over her new born, while making sure toddler Chris does not accidently bump his brother on the head with all his excitement.

The two appear to have forgotten how they met but Fishman is quick to add that his favourite memory was one of their significant dates, when he took her out knowing full well he only had N$150 on him which he felt was not enough.

“I was broke and I took her out so I was wondering what she was going to order? I didn’t have money and I was afraid, being used to Windhoek life and how it is that women in Windhoek like expensive things. I even thought of running if the bill came up to high, but I just told her the truth and she understood,” said Fishman

Her understanding of his situation on that day led him to look at her in a different light and seeing himself building a future with her. The two will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary later this year.

He also added that it is better to tell the person you are in a relationship with the truth instead of lying to them and building their expectations, as that will lead to deceit and unnecessary disappointment.

They recently welcomed their second child Jayden Uulenga into the world and are looking forward to having him run around with his older brother. With him being able to talk and tell them how he is feeling instead of having him break into tears due to the slightest annoyance.

Being in the music industry is not for the faint hearted as it requires a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice not just on the part of the artist but also from his/ her family.

“She is very understanding and the other day when we were in studio she even grabbed a pen and started helping me with the lyrics. Advising me to replace some words or change the phrase and that really surprised me because she hadn’t done that before,” said Fishman.

Shange went on to add that music is something she would be interested in pursuing if it would mean being more supportive and understanding of her husband’s career.

Although not just running his career but also the careers of other artists under his label, Shange-elao is quick to add that it never feels as though anything is lacking in the household as her husband is a hands on father who insures his family is always taken care off.

One of Numba Bizzy’s biggest acts is Bantu who has sold well over 7000 copies of his album ‘Tower of Babel’. The one thing he loves most about artists signed under his label is that they listen to his advice and value his opinion.

His favourite memory is a performance he did in Katima Mulilo in 2012 which had him feeling as though fans had finally learned to appreciate not only his music but everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

“I looked like the celebrity that I was supposed to be in this country!! That stadium was packed and until my performance people were still queued and it was packed. After I performed everyone disappeared. It was awesome!! I was in that combi for about 30 minutes struggling to get out because people wanted my autograph!! I have mad love for Katima and I want to go back again,” said Fishman.

Although growing at a steady pace Fishman is concerned that the industry could die out if government does not become more interested in helping build the arts, not just music but all art forms.