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Big Mich - The last comic standing

Tue, 16 August 2016 19:15
by Johanna Mafwila

Going head-to-head with the best local comedians is no easy feat and being crowned king of Namibian comedians puts the cherry on the cake, making victory even sweeter. Big Mich is this year’s last comic standing, and with dreams of one day performing at Madison Square Garden’s, audiences can expect bigger and better punch lines from the comedian.
When did you first start doing stand-up?
2009. I started off with comedy in high school until my friends told me to make it a profession. I took on comedy seriously in 2012, did my first gig at the Year-end function of The Document Warehouse, where I was noticed by a few people and got gigs at Hilton and Cordan Bleu Restaurant. I was later introduced to Slick The D and to Free Your Mind Entertainment, but had to quit due to work and study commitmenst. I re-emerged and made my appearance in 2016 with my one-man show, The Nama With a Wambu Attitude.
What growth, or lack there-off, have you seen in Namibian comedy over the years?
Growth is happening quiet slowly and things might be better in the few years to come as Namibia only has one platform for comedy, whereas countries such as Nigeria, USA and SA have a lot of platforms like comedy central, just for laughs and so forth.
What’s lacking in comedy is that our industry is not supported as much as it needs to be. Namibian corporate and Government need to support our comedians just as American and South African comedians are supported by their corporates and governments to grow and make comedy their primary income. That’s why Nigerian comedians can come up with more creative stuff everyday cause comedy is all they do and is their job, unlike us Namibian comedians who need to pack racks at Shoprite till 09:00 and still do comedy with the little time available.
Besides stand-up what else do you do?
I am what they call a PK (Pastors Kid), so I play piano in church, conduct the choir and compose songs for the congregation. I am a Business Engineer 8-5 running a small consulting business of my own.
How do you plan on turning Big Mich into a household name?
Lol, Big Mich is what the fans want, Big Mich is already a brand on its own. It sells itself. All I have to do is be Him when the time comes to be him. I’m planning on a Nama with a Wambu Attitude tour, planning on making every region in Namibia my home!
Who is your dream date and why?
Lol daaahm, my dream Date will be Female Donkey, Ag common you already know how we Damaras like donkey meat.
What is the biggest fear you have that you want to conquer?
Dying as a Damara and becoming a spiritual zula boy. I don’t wanna be in a situation where both sides of the eternal life don’t want me and now I have to wander around the streets of heaven begging for prayers, instead of a 1 dollar as usual. I am pretty sure the currency in heaven is prayers.
If you could pick another profession to do what would it be and why?
Acting. All I want is to be an entertainer and I am pretty sure I can be a good actor. I wanna do a movie alongside Kevin heart, Phura, ou Stakes, Swart Baster, Lady May, Female Donkey, Panolopie and Bakondja and name it Ti Eloro tse... lol that would be fun.
What advice do you have for upcoming comedians?
Firstly be original at all times. Do it because you love to do it and understand the business side of your profession, cause time is money and no one can give you back that 5 or 10 minutes you spend on stage, when it’s gone, it’s gone.
If you won a million dollar lottery what would you do with the money?
I will buy my Mom her dream house, yeah the million will be done if I do that, I mean this is Namibia lol. Job save us even though is not Shilongo (which means land)
What do you do in your off time?
I compose and teach songs for church, write new material, play video games and do voiceovers.
What’s your favourite book? Why?
Wolf of Wall Street!!! Di Caprio makes me think of a guy I used to know who went by the name Mike right at the start of the movie. This guy, a lot people tried to steal his youth, his potential and greatness, then he had to create Big Mich (Wolf of Wall Street) to get back everything they stole from him, to reach his peak and continue doing so until they write a whole book about The Damara from Dolam! Ahahahaha
How did you feel winning the price for FYM ‘Last Comic Standing’?
The feeling is priceless, I am really blessed to hold the title of the Last Comic Standing, and this is like the biggest and only award in comedy in Namibia.
Who has been your biggest inspiration thus far?
Big Mich, I mean every time I see what he does on stage I literally have no words for that dude. How he came up and against all odds and what he has done by using the negative in life as fuel to success. Big Mich is practically a working business plan. Lol
What is your idea of a perfect weekend?
Traveling somewhere quiet and beautiful with my family and just watching them being happy.
What would you like to achieve with your comedy?
I would like to perform on the world’s largest stage, Madison Square Gardens, where only a few comedy legends such as Eddy Murphy and Kevin Hart have performed and I am hoping to have a talk show on NBC.
Describe yourself using 3 words?
Walking Business Plan
If a genie was offering to grant you 1 wish what would it be and why?
Waking up a billionaire! Cause by being a billionaire, you eliminate the biggest weakness known to mankind which is. ‘Need’. I believe having no need as a human allows one to clearly focus on your purpose in life and makes it much easier to pin point it.
If someone made a movie of your life who would you like to play you?
Uuuuuuuuuhhhhm Will Smith will do a good job, his the man for the job!