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Samuele on self-discovery

Mon, 4 July 2016 18:47
by Johanna Mafwila

After spending a few years redirecting his old fellowship from enjoying his old sounds at a time he went by the stage names Mbakadaka or Qondja, now reformed and born-again lyrical genius going Samuele is still on his journey to lure his buffs to like his newly released album, titled Wealthy Governments.
During his journey of self-discovery Samuele said he has undergone some personal growth and has gotten closer to God. He can now only say that there are many things in store for him and that his life has purpose.
“I embarked on a journey to learning how to work with people, which is very important, because for me to fulfill my destiny, I will have to work with people from different places, cultures and influences” said Samuele.
In his time away he educated himself by either watching other people or conversing on how to best build his brand, improve his skill focusing more on the principles used by others on their road to success.
“I found out I have something to offer these people and they have something to offer me. For me to fulfill my calling, some get the best out of me and some I do the same” said Samuele.
Having studied his strengths and weaknesses, Samuele is sure he has found a way of turning his music into a lucrative business, which he is now putting into action.
“When you make music to be listened to by two generations or 10 generations from now, there is a lot of things you need to consider, not quick fame or success. People are still ordering copies because the marketing strategy I am using is for longevity and not short term, and my target market keeps waking up 5 by 5, 10 by 10. The moving process of people buying the album is as I planned it, because I understood how people reason and what is the best way to get the best out of my customers” said Samuele
When quizzed about the time he was not born-again, Samuele emphasised that it is best to look forward and never to dwell on the past. He noted that as an individual, one should understand what is ahead of you, what you want to achieve and what you are yet to achieve adding that once you understand this everything else becomes useless.
 “I am courting with my music career right now. We have something special going on and I don’t want our relationship to be bothered by anyone” said Samuele to the prospect of a future Mrs. Samuele.