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Fishman increases the Temperature

Fri, 27 May 2016 17:19
by Johanna Mafwila

With a music career close to a decade old, Fishman is giving back to those who love and appreciate his music with a 13 track album titled Temperature.
This he said is his way of turning up the heat in an industry that has been generous to him.
On his album he features artists such as like Bantu, Maestro, Glo and Mjay. The album touches on a mix of genres such as Kwaito and dancehall. As per usual Fishman communicates in his home language of Oshiwambo, giving us a wide range of messages from loving the woman in your life to overcoming adversities in life.
Starting with Itowanamo were he talks about not fitting in and trying to make a name for yourself in an industry overflowing with talent and being discouraged.
Being a married man and in love it is no wonder the album features as many love songs as it does, starting off with Forgotten, Monika, Scared to love, For long and Faalelandje. In these songs he talks about either finding love and keeping the love of a woman you already have or being faithful in your relationship.
With Faalelandje he talks about his wife and how he loves her a lot but throws the listener off when he says the song is not about his personal life but instead is about the listener and his/ her relationship. What appears to be a song about a man’s undying love for his wife turns into a song about men not cheating on their loved ones.
While in For long he and Maestro sing about searching and finding the love of a woman, but at the same time she is rejecting him and dodging his advances.

Turning away from love he talks about climbing the ladder to success and focusing on your book while overcoming your past and building a better future in songs such as Temperature, Climb the Ladder, Those days, My teacher and Ndilimo Nai.
As with every album Fishman never forgets to thank his creator. In Onda hala he sings about wanting to praise the lord with his heart and body, wanting him to work through him and wanting to forfill all the plans God has for him.
 The album is not bad and the artist has shown growth since his last album in 2014.The album could have benefitted with a selection of new voices as Fishman seems to have built up a comfort zone of working with Maestro, Glo and Mjay. He needs to take a step into new horizons and grow even more with new artists that could push him into new grounds.
3/5 the album is not bad but looking at the other albums on the shelf it could die out if not marketed properly.