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Tenderpreneurs are missing it

Fri, 27 May 2016 15:53
by Linekela Halwoodi
News Flash

Now that the system has been adjusted to be able to benefit the sons of the soil, these sons in Markham’s suits and hats are starting to miss the point and have developed a Finkenstein Village mentality.
Now that you have benefited enough from the public procurement system, you are now able to sleep in 3 000 thread count sheets and wear linen pants has made you into a Van Staden.
Yes you, I am talking to you. You, who now has migrated from Uukwamatsi where you were quenching your thirst two years ago, and are now only drinking N$300 ciders in Pharaohs.
Do not forget that at one point you used to call yourself ‘we’, that when you needed someone to advocate for you to be included in the system that was excluding Namibians from the tendering process, and required your fellow poor Namibians to stand by you.
It is funny how someone can suddenly forget the struggle that is life in Namibia as soon as they add three more zeros to their income.
How you need other poor Namibians to stand by you when you need someone to help you elevate yourself however, once you have sung along to ‘mama I’ve made it’ you no longer want to acknowledge those who indirectly help you settle in your three bedroom city view apartment that overlooks the beautiful view of the city.
Listen, it does not make sense that you now get a N$3 billion tender and you sub contract to the foreigners, instead of helping another poor man better his situation even if that means that you earn bragging rights.
That is not how you build a nation, and unfortunately this is not only the trend with the young BEE boys but it has been the trend since the Old BEE boys, who moved from catering and events organising tenders to railway and real estate constructing tenders.
How do you keep the money at home if you cannot give the same opportunity you were given to another Namibians?
Yes, we understand that there will always be a person who pay to have their house cleaned and the person who gets paid to clean the house, but does the person who clean the house have to be from the next village and not from your village?
Maybe it has been too long since some of you have driven the dusty streets of Katutura and are disillusioned about what exactly it might be that your people are going through. Please, take off one Sunday afternoon from your newly acquired hobbies such as mountain hiking and cheese and wine tasting, so that you can experience again and know what it is to live as the average ‘no Markhams suit affording Namibian’.
Please, do not see it as a bitter rant from a Namibian who has not made it yet, but I think the kind of legacy you can build since all of you want to build empires. Let your empire start with other Namibians alright?
I am really just a Namibian who is shocked by the ‘it’s not my problem’ attitude in those who have been able to crawl their way out of locations that only have electricity and water five days a week.
We have all developed a mentality where you see your neighbour’s house getting robbed but you continue to sleep without calling the police because it is not your struggle.
A mentality where your neighbour’s house is on fire but you will take the hose pipe to spray water on your own wall so your house doesn’t catch fire, and refuse to put out your neighbour’s fire.
Ulayi nenge?
If we do not have each other then we have nothing.