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Black Africa terminates Players and Technical Team contracts

Sat, 21 May 2016 00:12
by online writer
News Flash

Black Africa wish to inform you that its Management has terminated the contracts of its players and technical team effective from the 31st May 2016, said its Board Chairman, Ranga Haikali. Haikali said that the BA Management has monitored the financial performance over the last two years.

“What was evident is that the running costs have escalated to unsustainable levels where the income decreased significantly. The fact that the BA did not win the MTC/NPL Premiership and NFA Cup for the past two Football Seasons also affected the club’s income streams negatively.” That unfortunate situation created further financial unsustainability, the BA Board Chairman explained.

“Despite several attempts to generate additional income, management was unsuccessful, as a result, the liabilities exceeded the assets, “he mentioned. Haikali added that it has become inevitable that management contain cost without compromising the operational effectiveness of the Club to eventually transform into a sustainable football brand. “This has necessitated management to interrogate and eventually roll-out a comprehensive restructuring and re-alignment of our Sport Club to subsequently facilitate a sustainable structure. This was, by no means, an easy assignment for management as we have considered all emotional challenges following this unpopular strategic decision,” Haikali mentioned.

He said that Black Africa, like any other NPL Club is required to register minimum 25 players, however, BA had registered 33 players at the beginning of the 2015/2016 Football Season. This having said, the management team of BA decided to implement the following measures with immediate effect:

1. Terminate the contracts of all technical staff and players, effective from 31st May 2016.

2. Re-negotiate all contracts of the technical team with new terms and conditions. This process should be completed by latest end of June 2016,

3. Instruct the new technical team to recruit players from the current BA players as well as players from outside Black Africa,

4. Reduce other administrative costs and any other costs that need to be contained. “We have formally informed all players, except those on Brave Warriors National duty and those out of town, that their current contracts will be terminated effective from the 31st May 2016. We fully understand that the action taken may be seen as drastic, however, we are of the view that this decision is in the best interest of the club and players in the current difficult financial situation. We trust that all stakeholders understand the situation and will continue to assist Black Africa to achieve the objectives towards the sustainability and building of the BA brand,” Ranga Haikali, Chairman of the BA Board of Governors concluded.