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Dishonesty, theft tears Ogopa Butterfly apart

Tue, 3 May 2016 16:03
by Johanna Mafwila

A bitter wrangle  over control of one of the country’s music video production firms, Ogopa Butterfly has erupted with the partners Sula Kyababa and Lucas Osidiano throwing accusations of theft and dishonest to each other.
So bitter has been the wrangle that the two partners have taken each other to the lawyers to split the company while Kyababa has opened a case of fraud and theft against Osidiano registered as Case number 88/04/2016.
In his case Kyababa claims that Osidiano’s wife Sarah who was the financial manager of the company transferred about N$260 000 from the company account without his consent while on the other hand Osdiang  say Kybaba has been reluctant to sign a cooperation agreement to finalise their partnership.
Ironically Osdiang says Kyababa has been reluctant to sign any engagement because he wants to control the bank account while Kyababa accuses the former of wanting to benefit from something he did not work for.
“I spoke to my lawyers and they advised me to open a case against them, I had done a lot for them but when they came here they just wanted to benefit from my hard work instead of agreeing to start over and establish something new.” Said Kyababa
Ogopa Butterfly is a partnership between Ogopa DJs from Kenya and Butterfly owned by Kybaba. Company documents in The Villager’s possession show that Ogopa butterfly shareholding is split on Kybaba owning 45% and his wife Oteya 5%, Osdiang 45% and his wife 5%.
Investigations by The Villager show that the misunderstandings are emanating from failure by the two parties to agree on profit sharing from all the projects that they have done together.
The situation has been worsened by the controversy surrounding the earnings the company made from hosting International Rhythms and Blues group Boys II Men where Kybaba’s partner claims the company  grossed about N$9 million but Kybaba only declared N$100 000 as the total earning. The two’s (Kyababa and Osdiang) fight also affected employees who had to soldier on for a few months without salaries last year.
Kybaba claims he brought Osidiana and his family to Namibia after their company had gone bankrupt in Kenya. He also added that upon arrival in Namibia Kyababa opted to employ Osidiana and his wife, not only paying them a salary as employees but going as far as to paying  their rent and life insurance which amounted to over N$50 000 on a monthly basis.
Before resigning from Butterfly at the end of March 2016 Osidiana registered a company named OGOPAINC Incorporated cc on the second of February 2016.