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A revolution betrayed indeed

Fri, 15 April 2016 16:50
by Linekela Halwoodi
News Flash

I think it would be right to say that, on many occasions we have witnessed cases where the revolution has been betrayed.
This happens when the leaders of the revolution who promised to bring justice turn on their own people.
 These are people who were trusted by the forces of the nation and supported by the people, yet turn out to be nothing but power hungry psychopaths.
At this point, we as Africans should be able to tell the difference between a dictator in making and revolute for the people.
This is the formula that should work, 5 years is a term, 10 year is a stretch acceptable to a capable leader, 15 years is madness and 20 years in power means burn down the parliament.
I think while we are on that one I should put a disclaimer on that one, I will not support anyone who takes an actual torch to burn the parliament but also understand me when I say that sometimes it takes lifting a ‘katana’ to get the reaction you need.
A country could face danger when once revolutionists substitute their camouflage uniform for suits and go to offices with brief cases where they learn about business and develop a throbbing love for money.
This is what has happened in some African states where the love of money and being in power drove leaders to madness.
People are often hit by mixed feelings about their founding fathers, being of the automatic patriotism they have. However that should not turn a nation ignorant when a leader turns into a power clinging dictator.
In most scenarios Africa is willing to celebrate a dictator as long as he strongly speaks against the evils of the west and is pro pan Africanism. At the same time people turn to ignore the fact that the same leader who is for pan Africanism would be living the life of a thousand kings while his own people in the very depths of the slums do not even have clean water to wash the scorching sun’s sweat off their backs.
At the same time, these power lovers would have children driving lavish cars and taking prostitutes on holiday on state funds.
This is where Africa needs to draw the line. As much as we might return to the polls to vote for the same party that liberated us from our oppressors we need to sit back and assure that our freedom fighters and liberators are not turning into our modern day captors.
We need to cut ourselves from the claws of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’. This is when a victim starts to empathise with their capture.
Africa has been robbed of too many years that could have been used to develop itself for it to plummet at the hands of single men.
 A democratically elected president who turns 5 years into a 20 year stretch definitely needs questioning and removing. A democratically elected president who some years down the line starts to victimise his opposition needs to be removed. A democratically elected leader who turns to violence to intimidate activists needs permanent removal.
Again Africa cannot be the continent that was set back by slavery, be the continent that was set back by the scramble of Africa and also turn into the continent that is set back by the greed of a few elites.