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Brotherhood of the travelling tenders!

Mon, 11 April 2016 15:56
by Linekela Halwoodi
News Flash

Very often you would hear the phrase, ‘money has been eaten’ or ‘he gave the tender to a guy who is married to his cousin’ and 5 time out of 10 these accusations are right only that the person making the accusation cannot prove it.
The business world has developed a stiff tradition of ‘I know a guy’. This is where the brotherhood of the traveling tenders comes in, this is when we can see that someone pulled strings in order to land a tender instead of going up against other bidders in a fair run.
It is exactly this brotherhood that is killing entrepreneurship in Namibia and it is that same brotherhood that is killing small businesses.
When someone has a guy somewhere and is constantly using the backdoor, they most likely rob one honest business of the opportunity to prosper and create more employment.
The brotherhood of the traveling tender is not even done for the good of the masses, it’s one guy who is trying to own a Hummer, a Lamborghini, and a private jet in one lifetime. It is the greed in tendering brotherhood that has destroyed the urge for young people to become competitive and innovative.
Every economy needs innovators, because then why else would we be offering business as a course if 20 out of 25 tenders are only awarded to the sons and daughters of those who were in the trenches or those who actively and have been acknowledged for participating in the liberation struggle.
It is even more insulting when someone knows that puppeteering took place for the children of the 1% to get tenders yet we are asked where your proof is.
At this stage it is also the brotherhood of the travelling tenders that makes it impossible for the ordinaries to be able to afford anything.
The brotherhood does not only monopolise the construction industry they also want to monopolise retail. Is it such a crime to want to own your own home? Is it such a crime to want to own a retail shop at your village without the unnecessary politics of land allocation? But before we start to divert from the main issue. Tenders tenders tenders…
The bread of 1% and the demise of the 99%. It is no wonder the Van Wyks would rather keep to themselves on their farms where they can teach their children the traditions of surviving as farmers instead of trying to compete in the business world in Namibia where absolutely nothing is fair.
You know that things are not all well when every half a decade or more the Development Bank of Namibia, SME Bank and Nampro get a little brother or sister.
The constant need to add an arm that can cater to the financial needs of the hopeful and innovative (sme’s) is because people are fed up with the operations of one body and feel that their needs are not being catered to.
In layman’s, corruption is like defecating on policy waiting to be implemented, it is like running around in the cement pavement before it is dry, an absolute waste of time for policy makers and the highest form of treason.
Let’s talk about that, why are corrupt officials not charged with treason? Treason is defined as the crime of betraying ones own country. Why can it not be seen as treason for someone to set ablaze a young foundation?
It is those who get away with back door work that have created a bad name for those who have been trying to do the work according to the books.
It is because of inventions such as corruption that we have seen three presidents come and all try to do the same thing in the name of vision 2013, NDPs and now Harambee.
It is because someone was given N$300million to finish a project that was supposed to empower a population of 300 but instead build a pool at all his houses and send his kids to go study abroad.
Again, it is the people who do not have a ‘back door person’ who suffer the most when the tender lovers do the things they do.
It is only the poorest of the poor who sustain the injuries of back door work. To top it all off, because people were brothers in the trenches it is very easy to turn a blind eye when the tenders buffet starts to rotate in the wrong direction.