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Shock as two die over beer and memory card

By: Kelvin Chiringa

Two separate incidences of violence over the simplest of reasons saw two people losing their lives over the past weekend.

The police responded to a case in which 25-year old Magdalena Engelbrecht died after a 31-year old female suspect and a resident of Bliekiesdorp in Maltahohe stabbed her on the back with a butcher knife.

It is said that the two had quarrelled over the victim’s liquor leading to a physical altercation the day before.

The suspect came with a butcher knife the following day which she drove into the victim’s back leading to her instant death.

An investigation by the police has been launched in the meantime.

Also, in Kalkrand’s Duineveld, 26-year old Simon Jagger got stabbed by a 53-year old suspect and died on the spot after a quarrel over the suspect’s memory card.

The suspect is said to have fought the deceased and stabbed him on the left side of the neck, as the knife blade broke and stuck in.

 In a gruesome case of culpable homicide, a 23-year old Namibian man was left for dead after being hit by a car suspected to be driven by a Zimbabwean national recently in the Mururani area.

The deceased, Lucas Johannes is said to have died on the spot when a silver Mercedes Benz ran over him and his body was transported to the Rundu state hospital.

Meanwhile in Mariental’s Fish River behind the Dates farm, an unidentified decomposed body of a young female estimated to be 20 years of age, was found drowned face-down in the river by a person who was collecting fire wood.

The police suspect that the body had been in the water for a week since the skin had turned white and eyes protruding from eye-sockets.

A deep cut wound on the side of the head was also discovered while her braids were floating in the water.

The deceased’s body was removed from the shallow river and transported to Windhoek mortuary for post mortem to determine the cause of death.

The police have in the meantime launched an investigation.

Another lifeless body of a 57-year-old Katrina Richter, a Namibian female was discovered by two passers-by in Maltahohe.

Allegations are that Richter had gone to fetch firewood in a field and did not return home.

At around 19h45, two male persons discovered her lifeless body lying on the stomach facedown with legs and arms spread and fire wood scattered about.

The police have concluded that there were visible marks of struggle and falling.

The deceased’s body was taken to the hospital by law enforcement officers where she was declared dead.

Police also observed that her skin was peeling off which showed that she had been lying exposed to the sun for a long time.

The police do not suspect any foal play while a post mortem is under way to determine the cause of death.

In Mariental again, a 21-year old Roberta Louretha Goeiman, a Namibian female hanged herself at the New Location.

Allegations are that the deceased erupted into an argument with her boyfriend which ended into a fight at her mother’s house.

The police have also been told that the deceased had threatened to burn her boyfriend’s shack which prompted him to go and report her to the police.

When he came back with law enforcement agents, she was found hanging by the neck and already dead in a blood-stained shack.

Kelvin Chiringa

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