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Telecom Namibia Invests In Smart City Fibre

By: Staff Writer

Telecom Namibia has signed a partnership agreement with OMDis Town Transform Agency (OMDis) to deploy 67.6km of optical fibre in Oranjemund at a total cost of N$12 million, as part of a project to transform the town into a smart city.

“A smart city requires connectivity between citizens, service providers and government,” said said Amanda Hauuanga, deputy chair of the board of Telecom Namibia. “Telecom Namibia understands the central role connectivity plays in a smart city ecosystem and therefore we believe we are the most appropriate partner to help OMDis transform Oranjemund into a smart city with all things digital.”

This project is part of Telecom Namibia’s investment plan announced earlier this year. The company plans to invest N$2.3 billion in the modernization of its fixed and mobile network infrastructure over the next five years.

Ultimately, this project should reinforce Telecom Namibia’s existing 10,676km fibre optic backbone for a national coverage of 65%; accelerate digital transformation and connect thousands of additional households.

“The partnership between OMDis and Telecom Namibia will have a positive impact on sectors such as tourism, industrial development, healthcare, agriculture, small and medium enterprise (SME) development, education and development of real estate,” said Stanley Shanapinda, managing director of Telecom Namibia.

OMDis Town Transform Agency (“OMDis”) is a Section 21 Company, or Special Purpose Vehicle. Its sole purpose is to proactively accelerate Town Transformation – the economic diversification of Oranjemund – to ensure the town’s sustainability by 2030 and beyond.


Staff Writer

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