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Chante creating the tone at Energy 100

Fri, 30 June 2017 16:33
by Rosalia David

Radio personality Endeline Chantelle Inyemba well known as Chante is one out of a few Namibian Disc Jockeys who has attentively created a beautiful tone and style of radio output establishing a relationship with her listeners while making their everyday better.

Chante who has managed to make a name for herself within the media industry although she has never dreamed of becoming a radio personality is just not a beauty, but got brains too, she is currently pursuing her studies in Political Science at the University Of Namibia (UNAM) while trying to juggle between her studies, a social life and work at the same time.

The 25 year old presents the Essential lounge show on the number one  entertainment brand giving her listeners the most soothing music, with music being the moral law that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and gaiety to life, one would believe that radio is the best place to be. The Villager speaks with Chante this week just to give us an idea on who she really is when off the mic.

Full Name: Endeline Chantelle Inyemba

Stage Name: Chante

Occupation: Radio personality

Age: 25

Relationship status: Taken

When exactly did you become a radio personality?

I started like three years ago, first started at Base FM where a guy called Alex actually dragged me to an appointment he arranged for me with the station manager by that time and he kept insisting and motivated me to go see the station manager to be able to get on air, so I eventually went and they took me the next thing I knew was I was doing the breakfast show, while still at base FM, Energy then approached me then I cane to energy, that is how it all started.

How do you manage to balance between, work and school?

I am a very chilled person, I don’t really go out that much, so my social life does not come between work and studies, I hate routines, when it is time to study I cut off the other things I was supposed to do that are not necessary, when I am at work, its work, ha-ha.

What has been one of your embarrassing moments on air?

 I don’t know if this is embarrassing but I always get people debating about my tribe, even when I speak the language people are still not convinced that I am a Wamboe.

You mentioned that you have dreamed of becoming a radio personality, do you enjoy what you do?

 I do not think that enjoy is the right word to use but I love what I do.

What was the funniest message you have received from your listeners?

Stalker alert, definitely, this person would sent me constant messages of what I a wearing and where I am at that current moment and it got so deep that this stalker would SMS telling me what I am doing at that specific moment, it is scary.

Being on radio, I am sure you have heard a couple of songs that would remind you of Nigerian music, what is your take on the ‘new sound’?

It is a very interesting sound, it can even make you fall in love or dance and very well crafted but I am not sure if the sound we are following now is sustainable, right now it is definitely working but I would like to see it work from now.

If you had a chance to choose between other different careers than radio, what would you go for and why?

Radio for me it is just a hobby, but I love international relations and I believe communication is the best channel in everything.

What shows do you do?

I do a weekly show ‘Essential lounge’ 12:00 to 15:00 and local attack on Saturdays from 18:00 to 20:00.

Imagine it’s your wedding day and your husband to be confronts you in church about a cheating activity in front of the guests, what would your first reaction be and what would you do?

The first thing I would ask is with who?

Because I know I am the type of person when I get into a relationship my focus is 100% only on that specific person, I would definitely ask with who and gave my popular facial expression that people who are close to me know.

What is your favourite colour?

I love black but I am a whole box of smarties, I love different colours, I always play around with them from my head to toes.