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The cold brutalises Suzy Eises’ Cappello Show

Fri, 30 June 2017 16:23
by Kelvin Chiringa

Namibia’s leading Jazz sensation and saxophonist-muse Suzy Eises had a bad night at Cappello last weekend where her feverish attempts to nail a memorable show alongside South African Star D-Jay Naak Musiq failed dismally due to the unforgiving June cold which saw revellers failing to ?ll up the event. 

Suzy, who is meticulous about her often ?nely polished performances, admitted to The Villager Entertainment that despite the poor turn-up, the cold went as far as frustrating her efforts to give out the best although she blew a kiss to the few fans who still could not have enough of her ambiance.

The artist was slated to hit the stage by 1900hrs but by that time, the place had not yet ?lled up and the wintry chilling night which brought some of the harshest winds slapping the faces of some of the scantily-dressed-to-kill show-lovers was already wreaking havoc. 

 Despite the mounted state of the arts equipment courtesy of Consoave and the best music mix from the South African wonder-boy, time dragged right up to 2100hrs while Suzy took some time mixing with her fans, taking photographs and bracing for the show.

When it became apparent that the turn-up would not improve, the Saxophonist mounted the stage and blew her soul into the night much to the jovial small crowd but it was apparent the show was a near ? op. Yet she shouldered the and dared the cold, warming the hearts of her fans with the sizzling outburst of melodic sounds which serenaded all over the well-manicured Cappello precincts, proving once again that she was born for the saxophone.

 However, Cappello management and staff became quite edgy, trying as much to stick to the game plan and professionally treating the crowd to some of their ? nest wine and steamy food on offer but the anxiety in their irate movements was revealing. Despite an above average spirited performance which was lit up with Naak Musiq, Suzy came out of it disappointed with Mother Nature yet she took time to warm up on her loyal fans who could not resist the hypnotizing effect of her beauty and talent fused by chords of effervescent Jazz sounds.

 “The thing is I had a small crowd in front of me, they were very supportive, I am happy that they enjoyed it. A few people came to me after the performance, they wanted photos,” Suzy told The Villager Entertainment. Although the svelte Jazz crooner has been in the cold before, yet this time she admitted, “I do not know if I am being too critical on this one but I did not feel I performed well because of the weather.”

 However she declined being judged as another random artist caught up in another of those random lows and failing to give out the best as she said, “ I know I can play, but I did not give my hundred percent. But it is all about the people, if they were happy then that’s what matters.” Frustrated by winter, Suzy shrugged at having to dare the cold again which she blamed for not only her compromised performance but, “scaring away her fans.”

Meanwhile the artist who joins the celebrated musical guru Elemotho for a highly anticipated US virgin show said she is not sure whether she will get the chance of performing her songs as information coming from the U.S. suggests possible collaborations with American stars.

“To be honest I just know that we’ve been asked to perform at a festival and we will be working with some bands over there. So I do not know if we will do a song together with Elemotho as a Namibian collaboration. I was hoping and I thought I would be doing my own songs, I do not know. The feeling that I am getting is that it’s a festival where we collaborate as Americans and Namibians, coming together in a band and perform a certain type of music,” she said.

Yet she is excited about the show and the seven days she will be alternating between learning from workshops and interacting with the who is who of the States. “For me it’s not really about sharing my staff, as much as I would love to share my own music but I am just happy to learn,” she enthused with a tincture of humility in the soft of her voice.

 And so what does this mean for Namibian music to be having a talented and musically immersed duo slated for a festival in the veins and arteries of America’s musical world? “I think it just means that we are international, you know, we are international musicians. We are at a certain level, I do not have knowledge to know that in the past there has been a popular musician in Namibia who has done such a thing,” she af?rmed.