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Opuwo Mayor Lashes Out At Locals For Not Applying For Tenders

“If you see people coming from America don’t complain”

By: Uakutura Kambaekua

Opuwo mayor Rosa Mbinge-Tjeundo has called on local contractors to apply for domestic tenders instead of “crying foul” if tenders are awarded to outsiders.

The Kunene Regional Council recently resolved that there should be a special arrangement for local companies that meet all bidding requirements, especially for skills, products or services to be acquired locally through the public procurement system.

An irritated Mbinge-Tjeundo lashed out at those who recently complained of the “unfair” issuing of local tenders, specificall, the tender for the construction of the town’s sports facilities.

Tjeundo’s remarks came at the back of last month’s public outcry after a group of aggrieved community members took to the streets of Opuwo to denounce what they termed as the “unfair issuing of tenders to outsiders at the expense of the local contractors”.

Last month, Opuwo advertised and then cancelled various tenders, among them the construction of various structures at the town’s sports facilities after several complaints from locals who accused the council of inequity.

However, Mbinge-Tjeundo denied any wrongdoings, stating that none of the local contractors applied for the tenders.

“This time around, I wanted to make sure how many people applied and why you were rejected, the unfortunate part is that nobody applied. So now it’s up to the procurement committee to decide what they are going to do,” she said.

Mbinge-Tjeundo further noted a fair chance was provided to all local contractors to apply, however, they failed to apply, thus failing the town as well.

“The chance was given to you to apply and you failed, you did not fail yourself, you failed the town too and now you are going back to your platforms, your WhatsApp groups to complain about the sports facilities,” an irritated Mbinge-Tjeundo charged.

The mayor called on community members to rally behind the town council for collective development.

She also said that more tenders will be advertised, urging locals to apply in numbers before bashing the council for dishing out tenders to outsiders at the expense of locals.

Mbinge-Tjeundo who was re-elected as mayor last year reiterated the council’s stance on the construction of a fully furnished sports facility in the town, among other capital projects.

Uakutura Kambaekua

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