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After 30 Days Of Helping A Billion Dollar Startup Serve In Namibia….. Here Are 3 Things That I’ve Learned

By :CJ Dumeni
1. Not every market you launch in has to be a “Home Run”. Launch in markets that bring value to your overall strategy. Quality over quantity.
2. You don’t know what you don’t know. Get the ball rolling quickly and work with teams that have already done it before. If you have people who have done it before you can trust that they will be patient and curious enough to figure it out.
3. There is no secret source to a StartUp. It doesn’t matter if your evolution is $1 Billion or $1 Thousand. You’ll face the same issues, but having capital helps you get the best chefs in the kitchen.
4. See innovation and creativity as seeing a problem and finding a new way around it.
5. Not all problems were created equal, focus on solving valuable problems – those are the problems people are willing to pay to solve.
6. Creating a large e-commerce community in Namibia will significantly increase our ability to empower our people with income and employment.
My question to you is: With Namibia becoming a preferred investment destination in SADC, what solutions or services would you like to see bring value to our population?

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