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By: Envaalde Matheus

Namibians should be ready for the ‘We Can Festival’ in March. 

The festival is an initiative by ten energetic youth from the Tobias Hainyeko constituency in Windhoek. 

This is a group of unemployed graduates and students who aspire to contribute tangible social and economic value to the benefit of the immediate community of Tobias Hainyeko as they say they picture a prosperous collective future.

The youth want to prove that if a group of people work together, they can achieve something collectively to their benefit and nurture public interconnections. 

“We are answering the question of, what can we do to bring development and inspiration. For ourselves and society,” they said.

The event will take place over three days, beginning from 25 Friday to 27 Sunday, March 2022. 

The organisers told The Villager that their target is to accommodate 20 exhibition stalls: 10 beverage stalls, five food stalls, two clothing stalls and three corporate stalls. 

“We are using the technique of vendor application forms, where we asked questions as to where their business originated, their number of potential customers per day. It helps us decide who is suitable for the stalls.” 

The ‘We Can Festival’ event will help small and medium businesses from the surrounding to attract customers and boost networking and connection opportunities to the community. 

The festival will provide platforms brand visibility and an opportunity for brands to communicate directly to a broader audience. 

The event will also provide companies with new ways to engage and expand their reach with the local market. 

In addition, priority will be given to the people of the Tobias Hainyeko constituency, but this does not limit other people from other towns who are interested in partaking in the festival. 

“We are prepared to make a profit from this festival and willing to do anything necessary to make this event a huge success,” said Festus Shipulwa, one of the organisers. 

Shipulwa said they hope to collect enough funds from the festival add more venues in their surroundings.

Musical, artistic and cultural performances as music, art, and culture will be the festival’s backbone for local talents in the community and beyond to showcase themselves. 

The youth said they are planning to make their event a biannual event, and they aim to host all events in Tobias Hainyeko Constituency.

Julia Heita

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