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By: Ludorf Iyambo & Vetondouua Tjivikua

A 25-year-old man arrested driving a stolen City of Windhoek Fire Brigade Toyota Land Cruiser said he only did so because he had never driven one before.

Soiyi Maluleke crashed the vehicle following a car chase with the police and City Police officers.

He made his court appearance on Monday at the Katutura Magistrate’s Court.

“When my friend came with the car, I was very excited to drive it. I just drove it for the joy ride,” Maluleke told the court. 

He was arrested on Saturday afternoon in Monica Street, Greenwell location. 

Maluleke has been charged with two counts. First, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving without a driving licence.

He told the court that he understood what he was being charged with and pleaded guilty on all counts before Magistrate Alweendo Verasius.

“I drank four-five beers that day, and when the police caught me, they tested my alcohol level, which was 0.51 grams per\100 mm. The police tested me again at the city police office, giving the same results. I drove the car without a driving licence, without even thinking of the consequences. Happiness overwhelmed me,” Maluleke told the court.

Magistrate Verasius said the court is satisfied that the accused pleaded guilty to all c.

“The court should therefore disqualify you from obtaining a driving licence for 12 months.”  

Maluleke was sentenced in all two counts for driving under the influence of alcohol. Maluleke was sentenced to pay N$4,000 or eight months in prison. 

Maluleke was asked to pay N$1 000 or spend four months in jail for driving without a driving licence. He remains in custody. 

Sheriff Shaun Naude said, “They lost control of the vehicle and crashed it, destroying this vehicle which has served the community. So, one is left, and one suspect is also on the run. It’s such a very unfortunate event, and these trucks get into the informal settlements fighting grass fires because they are Land Cruisers.” 


Julia Heita

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