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Swapo Adds More Members in Epupa

By: Staff writer

The Swapo party Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa welcomed 130 new members in Okangwati, Epupa District, Kunene Region.

During the address, Shaningwa said the new members are all representatives of Swapo wherever they go.

“You will all agree with me that we are all mobilisers of our party in one way or another. Mobilisation is our daily job as members and cadres of our party,” she said.

She further said that the ruling party is the only party that brought independence and the democracy and has ensured reconciliation and maintained peace and stability.

“The Swapo party government has delivered distinctive and significant development over the past years. Provision of services such as potable water, electricity, roads infrastructure; provision of free education for our children and hostels accommodation; provision of housing through Shack Dwellers

Federation; Police Station for our safety; provision of healthcare facilities such as clinics; improved social grants to senior citizens, orphans and people living with disabilities; agriculture extension offices, and settlement office,” said the Swapo SG.

The development comes after Swapo celebrated the defection of 151 former PDM members to Swapo in the same Epupa District in April this year. The welcome, then, was officiated by the party’s vice-president, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.

Shaningwa encouraged the new members to recruit more members to join the party among their friends and family and to mobilise more supporters for the party.

“You are expected to be loyal and consistent to Swapo. You are also encouraged to engage and invite your leaders with the purpose of growing our party from strength to strength. In addition, I am also encouraging you, my comrades, to always address your concerns, issues and suggestions through your Swapo structure, that is, from your section, branch, district and regional level.”

She called on the Okanguati community to trust and cooperate

with government representatives within this constituency, including health inspectors and the Namibian police force.

“The future of our party and that of our country is in your hands. Henceforth, you do not need to be spectators but participate fully in all spheres of development of our country in order to build a solid foundation for our future generations.

In welcoming our new members to the mighty Swapo party, you are expected to participate and lead in all Swapo party activities and programs. All members of the Swapo party must, without contradiction, subscribe to the aims and objectives of the party as enshrined in the party constitution. And therefore, the membership cards you are going to be receiving today

obligates you to vote for the mighty Swapo party in all elections.”

Staff Writer

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