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Suspected Vandalism Causes Collapse of Coastal Supply Tower

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Vandalism is suspected of having been the cause of the collapse of NamPower’s tower on the Omburu–Khan kV line.

The incident occurred on Thursday, 01 September 2022, at 13h34.

“Upon inspection of the line, it was discovered that the supporting stay wires on the power line were removed. It is suspected that it is a result of vandalism. The illegal removal of the stay wires compromised the support of the tower and resulted in its collapse,” a statement from NamPower’s Corporate Communication & Marketing Irene Hoaes read.

According to the power utility company, the collapse of tower No.282 on the Omburu–Khan 2 220 kV line resulted in a veld fire which was subsequently extinguished.

No power interruption was experienced due to the trip of the Omburu – Khan 2 220 kV circuit. The line which collapsed is one of the transmission lines which supply the coastal area.

“This specific incident highlights the precautionary measures which have to be undertaken by people situated along the line servitudes. Non-adherence to safe distances and clearances around electricity infrastructure can result in hazards, injury, or electrocution,” the statement read.

For the safety of the public, NamPower advised that all wires and infrastructure must be treated as dangerous during any such incidents.

Staff Writer

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